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"Dynamo" by Vajinyl Jihad on 01.24.2009
Randomized mini-maze; Made for gametypes with pre-determined weapons that don't need a specific layout. By: AZN FTW & Asper49
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  • Map: Foundry
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Created by AZN FTW & Asper49 (special thanks to Tyrant Hacker)

Randomized mini-maze; Made for gametypes with pre-determined weapons that don't need a specific layout.

Preview: (Coming Soon from Asper49)
Base: Foundry
Post on Forgehub: Dynamo


Outside of Dynamo
Sample layout without the roof
4 different rounds from the same location
AZN FTW hunting on Speed SWAT

Supported Gametypes:

* Assault
* Capture the Flag
* Infection
* Juggernaut
* King of the Hill
* Oddball
* Territories
* Speed SWAT
* Evil Dead
* Rockets N Nades
* Peasant Hunt


So how this began... after the phase of The Labyrinth, I wanted to make a real maze. One that could not be memorized... one that could not be predicted... one that forced improvisation of tactics over knowledge of layout. While thinking of ways to make things random, I stumbled across the runtime minimum, and asked myself "are the minimum objects chosen based off of spawn order... or something else?" And then I called to Asper49 and Betawaffle to aid me in my investigation. After much testing we discovered that by having a runtime minimum that was lower than the runtime maximum, the objects that are spawned were chosen through a randomized algorithm. SUCCESS!!!


Alright, so the second Return Gift of AZN FTW is now published. This ought to be a sight for even you crazed geo-merge folks. Don't let this map deceive you by its simplicity, there's a lot more to this map than meets the eye. What makes this map so different and special? It randomizes it's layout every round you play it. Don't believe me? Download it and check it out.

So as for the actual map information. The overall layout is a cube that takes up about 2/3s of the open area of Foundry. This cube has bridges as walls and boxes as a roof. Within this cube there are 16 walls, 16 double walls, and 16 wall corners... each spaced apart by one barrier (with the barrier being deleted). This was the minimum amount of space needed for a spartan to walkthrough. The single walls are set to spawn 12 per round, double walls are set to 12 as well, and wall corners are set to 13. After 3 mins all 48 walls are spawned, increasing confusion.

This map has no pre-fabricated gametype. It caters to any gametype with predetermined weapons and a gametype that doesn't require a specific layout. Good examples of this are Shotties, Swords, Rockets & Nades, SWAT, Infection, Peasant Hunt, Boxing, etc... come up with your own clever minigames and post here with what you come up with. This map is simple enough to show you the technique in action. Yes I could have done something more complex, but this is the first use of the technique so view this as a demonstration.

Download Dynamo

Download Speed SWAT
Download Evil Dead
Download Rockets N Nades

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  • 01.25.2009 1:12 PM PDT

Sickin' ducks.

Wow. This map looks impressive. I'll download it next time my que is empty. ;)

  • 01.28.2009 4:20 PM PDT

If you fail at something then redefine success.

Amazing! I love it.

  • 06.24.2009 5:14 AM PDT

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