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"Dead Sand" by J Rock Man on 01.25.2009
Be Aware: UNDEAD Sightings. Read Comments for info.
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  • Map: Sandtrap
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Subject: Map Variant
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Humans will start off inside the crashed phantom, and inside the phantom will be enough weapons to satisfy you. =P Outside of the phantom will be 2 warthogs, 1 gauss warthog, 2 ghosts, 2 mongoose's, 1 prowler, 1 scorpion tank.
(Remember zombies can break open the hatch on a tank)

Zombies will start off on the highest sand bank.

On the south-west side of the map there is a bunker with the roof blocked off with radio antennaes and 2 out of 3 entrences blocked with drop pods so there is only one way to get in, push the crate in then you can push the crate back to where it was so the zombies cant get it but dont worry its not a cheap spot zombies can easily get in if you play my game mode for this map, they have 300% speed so they can just ram right in there.
-In this room will be 2 Sub Machine Guns, Brute shot, Battle rifle, shot gun and an invisibility.

Far east will be a teleporter behind a rock to take you high up in the sky, to get thru the teleporter you must jump. ( If human I advise you take a fast vehicle to get to it then quickly jump once your standing on the teleporter because guardies will most likley kill you if you try to walk to it. )
-Up here will be a Beam Rifle.

The elephant on the east side of the map has a teleport under it so a human will have to move the elephant if they want to acess the teleporter wich will take you to the high pillars beside the elephant you just moved.
-Up here will be a Sniper rifle, Battle rifle and an invisibility.

On the west side of the map with the 4 giant pillars will be gravity lifts that instantly respawn so just chuck around 7 then you will fly right up there. There is also a teleporter once your up there taking you some interesting. Now how zombies can get up there they must go into the tunnels on the west side of the map, You will see a plasma battery you must move it over then jump on it then hit it and it will launch you up through a teleporter wich will also take you to the intersting place wich now you can go thru the 2 way teleporters to get on top of the 4 pillars. (I suggest you take an invisibility to kill campers.)

-Up on the 4 pillars will be a machine gun turret, Rocket launcher, Beam rifle and a custom power up. (You need Sand Zombies game mode to make the custom powerup do what its suppose to do.)

-In the interesting place will be a beam rifle.

In the west tunnel will be a camping spot where all the entrances are blocked off except one so the zombies can only come thru one spot if you feel like camping it out.
-In here will be a machine gun turret.

In the east tunnel will be another camping spot just like the west tunnel.
-In here will be a machine gun turret.

And if you dont feel like going to any of those spots there is always the thrill of getting on those vehicles and flying around the map having speedy zombies after you. But be careful there is a baricade on the highest sand bank that you can drive thru but will slow you down so try to avoid it.

Also down low on the ground level are fusion coils around the map dont drive into them unless you wanna get some sweet air. =P

Reminder - Download the Sand Zombies game mode to play on this map.
So thats my map took about 3 days to make, Hope you like it !

J Rock Man

  • 01.25.2009 10:32 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

that level rocks

  • 02.11.2009 1:36 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

one of the best sandtrap levels ive seen

  • 03.20.2009 4:00 PM PDT

awsome! best level ive ever seen :D

  • 12.24.2009 7:33 AM PDT

Me and friends probally spent 5 hours + or more playing this map and the game mode that goes with it, it is so much fun with a full game, glad you guys like it !

  • 01.15.2012 1:31 AM PDT

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