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"space ship" by adoptedflame on 02.01.2009
a space ship has been reported!! includes working beam that will lift you up into the space ship supports CTF,slayer&infection
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  • Map: Avalanche
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Subject: Map Variant

"if i have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" Isaac Newton

this map is actually pretty good according to all my friends if you don't believe me look at my photo space ship. this map can support Capture the Flag, Team Slayer and Infection. The space ship has 4 plasma turrets set up at strategic locations, 2 banshees, 2 ghosts, a fuel rod gun, a gravity hammer, 2 sniper rifles, (and a partridge in a pear tree lol) but i'll let you find the rest of the weapons and vehicles. the "base" has 1 hornet, a scorpion tank, a mongoose, 2 missile pods, a sniper rifle 2 rocket launchers, 2 Spartan lasers and a couple other surprises. please download and rate. :)

  • 02.21.2009 9:55 AM PDT



  • 06.11.2009 2:18 PM PDT

"For us, the storm has passed. The war is over. And let us never forget those who journeyed into the howling dark, and did not return. For their decision required courage beyond measure. Sacrifice, an unshakable conviction that their fight... our fight... was elsewhere. As we start to rebuild, this hillside will remain barren, a memorial to heroes fallen. They ennobled all of us, and they shall not be forgotten."

Pretty cool dude. :)

  • 01.08.2010 8:44 PM PDT
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  • 05.12.2010 2:18 PM PDT


This map was STOLEN from SwimFastUphill. His UFO came out in 11/9/08 and yours is the exact same thing except with added stuff. Yours came out 2/1/09. Hmmmmm..... I wonder.....

  • 05.18.2010 2:05 PM PDT

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