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"Zombie Defence1" by humble rhax on 02.14.2009
The Humans have retreated to outpost 79 C. But will thier defences hold?
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Subject: Map Variant

Humble Rhax will rule the world 1 download ata time

............................................................. ............................Zombie Defense1..................................................... .............

-------------------------------------------------------------------I . The Base-------------------------------------------------------------

---The Humans spawn in a large Three Story base called Outpost 79C, filled with weapons, turrets, and cover. The base is divided into three areas: The Keep, The Outpost, and the Courtyard.

-------------------------------------------------------------------T he Keep-------------------------------------------------------------

----The Keep consists of a large three story box shaped fortress, that houses the main zombie entrance. The Entrance consists of a large open box, filled with pallets made of wood, that can and will be destroyed by the zombies, allowing an entrance for them.

----It should be noted that on the 3rd level of the keep that there is a man-cannon. The Man cannon, if used with precision, will shoot you into a teleporter over zombie territory. If successful, the player will teleport to a secret room filled with power weapons. A teleporter at the end of the secret room returns you to the Keep. If the player fails, and misses the teleport, then you will be left to fend for yourself against the zombie horde.

----Also on the 3rd level of the keep are two ghosts. If you are feeling daring then a quick assault on zombie territory can rack up the kills for you, or add one for a zombie.....

------------------------------------------------------------------T he Outpost------------------------------------------------------

----While many humans will spawn in the lower Keep, some will spawn in the outpost. Essentially, the outpost is an extension of the Keep. It is connected by a bridge and sports a turret, shotgun, multiple br's spikers and smgs, beam rifle, and multiple equipments. It is a great retreat if the keep is overrun by zombies.

----The outpost is arguably the best vantage point on the zombies because it is close enough to the ground to be accurate, but high enough to be just out of sword range, most of the time.........

-----------------------------------------------------------------T he Courtyard-----------------------------------------------------

----The courtyard can be a defenders best friend, or his worst enemy. It is an enclosed area surrounded by boxes. If a human decides to venture down, all he has to do is jump down from the left of the Keep and he will be in the Courtyard. Why venture into the Courtyard? Well, it contains an overshield, invisibility, custom power up, spartan laser, and rocket launcher. It even has a permanent gravity lift so that you can come right up back to the Keep. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, sadly, it is. The zombies have direct access to the Courtyard. If a zombie gets a the custom power up, and then goes on the grav lift, then they will float onto the keep, wrecking havoc for all the defenders.

----The humans should always keep an eye on the courtyard to spot zombies attempting to get into the base the "easy" way, by using the grav lift and custom power up.


Thank you for viewing my map. Please download and let me know what you think.

**************************Important************************** ****

The game type for this map is obviously infection, for the gametype set the zombie gravity to 150% and speed to 200% they should spawn with energy swords. The humans should have no radar and spawn with assault rifles. Thanks again.

---Humble Rhax

  • 03.05.2009 7:00 PM PDT


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