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"Pong" by Sarge525 on 02.19.2009
Become the Pong master. Made By: Sarge525
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Map Variant

Forge Master Extraordinaire

Become the master of the arcade classic.

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Versus Mode
4-Ball Mode


This map is really two maps in one; a map for the classic back and forth pong and a new one I've devised called 4-Ball. Each mode involves knocking soccerballs accross a shield door filled area using grav hammers all in the effort to prevent the ball from passing you and going into your goal. This uses a scoring system that will be described in detail later on.

Classic Versus Mode

In this version there will be a jump ball at start; this is where the ball is floating out in the center and you must jump and swing to knock it back. This is a risk but can also benefit you if done well giving you the first hit of the game (this is also a strategy that can be used throughout play).

Continue knocking the ball back and forth until one team knocks the ball past the other, upon which the scoring team will be able to grab their bomb and precede into there OWN GOAL to score.

(NOTE: If you attempt to score the bomb before knocking the ball past the other team the teleporters will not be blocked and you will be sent back to the lower area of the map)

The Scoring System

The scoring system is rather basic, but effective. When the ball goes into a goal it rams a machine gun turret/plasma cannon which breaks it. The turret is set to never respawn and the items run time minimum is set to 1 so that there has to be one on the map. This forces the unspawned turret on the teleporter reciever in the teleporter drop zone to spawn thus blocking the teleporter allowing one to pass.

4-Ball Mode

In this mode one team is defending against four balls that spawn in the map as time progresses. The attacking team is in a closed slot on the opposite side of the map where they are able to knock balls back using either their grav hammers, turrets, or a brute shot that spawns in after a certain amount of time. The scoring system is almost identical to the one in versus mode; except for the attacker's side kills you rather than sending you down to the lower part of the map (for obvious reasons).

Ball Spawn Times
1 - At Start
2 - 10 sec
3 - 30 sec
4 - 60 sec
(NOTE: Brute Shot spawns at 90 sec)

Side Notes

Player Traits
Invunerable, Infinite Ammo, 200% Gravity, 100% Speed

Versus Game Settings
3 Minute Round Duration, 10 Rounds, 1 Point to Win Round

4-Ball Game Settings
2 Minute Round Duration, 10 Rounds, 1 Point to Win Round

  • 03.25.2009 4:04 PM PDT

u got a game to go wit it?

  • 03.27.2009 1:35 PM PDT

Conquering the world since 1995

Thanks for the descriptiuon. I couldn't figure it our myself.

  • 03.31.2009 6:38 PM PDT


  • 03.21.2010 6:59 PM PDT

I make maps that some people don't understand how its possible and there not modded.

really fun and a whole new game 10/10

  • 04.06.2010 2:02 PM PDT

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