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"Wretched Ruins" by DoodTheDud on 03.03.2009
Explorers have crashed in an ancient ruin and zombies rain down upon them from the ancient graveyard above. (Wretched Rules GT)
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Try out my Map/Variant combo of Wretched Ruins and its Wretched Rules. Runner-up of a Reclaimer Comic map contest.
I have learned that placing an address here never works, as there is always a random space. Please click my name to the side of this post and find my fileshare, as all attempts to put it in here have failed.
Please check out my fileshare!

Zombie Map. Alot of weapons but none of them respawn. Equipment inside the Temple of Doom (red lighted structure) respawns every 3 minutes. Zombies drop down from above. Very dark in some places, pretty damn bright in others. Very spooky, flickering light effect achieved fairly well. Alot of wood to make creaking noises.

Major areas:
-Temple of Doom (Large structure with 2 lighted pillars, left side destroyed) - Pretty damn bright
-Makeshift Human Base (Fallen-over radio station behind some blocks, has wooden makeshift shield in front and holes between blocks covered by human barricades. Major weapons area) - Very low light
-The Drop (Square in the center where Zombies land) - Low light
-The Dark Corner (Very dark corner near the Tunnels) - Pitch black.
-Tunnels (Blue lighted structure. One entrance, 3 exits. Two ways out via grav lift chucking you out the roof) - Medium light
-Crash Site (Crashed Hornet. Unflyable with regular game rules, flip it all you like, it'll only draw zombie attention. Minor weapons area) - Medium light above - Very low light below
-Above (zombies spawn here and drop down the hole to the crypt, only structure is the hole entry) - Medium light
-Pyramid (small pyramid in the corner between the Temple and the Crash Site) - Low light


Game Type

This map was the Runner-Up for the Sandbox Design contest held by Reclaimer Comic!! more-804

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  • 03.04.2009 10:51 AM PDT

sounds cool, I will DL and rate once I play it

  • 03.05.2009 6:35 PM PDT

Does downloading a map cost money if u already hav the map

  • 09.06.2009 9:19 PM PDT

way way way too dark, can't see anything at all!=[
how did u even make it so friggin' dark????

  • 09.21.2009 5:26 PM PDT

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