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"Utah Mambo" by Cosmic Rick on 03.05.2009
A vast, sandy paradise, tainted by violence and archaeology. 8-16 players. All gametypes.
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alexhughson IS Cosmic Rick.

Utah Mambo Logo:

Map Haiku:
Fight amidst the sands.
Weave between choppers and ghosts.
Suck laser, you noobs!

In 2612, an intrepid group of space archeologists began their excavation of an artifact of immense power known only as the "Big Blue Obelisk." After setting up a base of operations around the enormous stone structure, they sent a small scouting party to the nearby ruins to begin collecting samples. Unbeknownst to the archaeologists, this trek angered the highly territorial warriors of the Clan of the Temple of the Red Serpent Tongue. The warriors, after consulting their local shaman took up a strong and violent defense against the trespassers. They vowed to protect their holy artifacts - The Great Flag of the Clan of the Temple of the Red Serpent Tongue, The Great Bomb Plant Point of the Clan of the Temple of the Red Serpent Tongue, The Five Sacred Territories of the Clan of the Temple of the Red Serpent Tongue, and so on - with their lives. And thus the battles began.

Recommended for: 8-16 players

Overview and Important Weapons:
Here's an image showing the location of the most important weapons/vehicles.

Vehicle Loadout:

Chopper Sx2, Ax1
Ghost x1
Warthog Sx0, Ax1
Mongoose x6
Hornet, Transport x1
Note: There is no Banshee on this map, despite its presence in a lot of the screenshots. (It's a fun - and overpowering - vehicle replacement option if you want to play around with the loadout, though)

Weapon Loadout:

Carbine x6
BR x10
Rockets Sx2, Ax1
Laser x1
Sniper x2
Needler x2
Shotgun x2
Mauler x2
Plasma Pistol x2
Plasma Rifle x4
Spiker x4
Machine Gun Turret Sx0, Ax1
Power Drainer x2
Bubble Shield x1
Grav-Lift Sx2, Ax1

Recommended Gametypes:

Utah Mambo supports all gametypes (symmetric and asymmetric), but the following are suggested:
- 1-flag*
- Team KotH*
- Multi Flag*
- 1-Bomb*
- Rocket Race
- Territories*
- Team Slayer*
- Land Grab

*BR starts recommended, particularly with smaller parties


Image Camera Angles:
This just shows you where all the images are from, so you can get a feel for where everything is. You'll note that though the two sides are fairly different in geometry, that the lines of sight and vehicles/weapons available to both teams in symmetrical games are pretty close to identical.

1: View From D-Base
The main purpose of this map was to showcase what you could do geomerging into the sand-walls around Sandbox's main area. The result is the D-Base pictured here in the foreground.

2: View From O-Base
The offensive base is meant to be a launch-pad for the attackers in asymmetrical games but also to double as an equally defensible base in symmetrical games. It's not as easy to hide here as it is in the expansive D-Base, but this drawback is balanced by easier access to the same weapons given the defenders.

3: D-Base Interior
The D-Base sports a pretty open inner area with multiple ways in and out (note, you have to crouch for one of them). It's a good place for defenders to stay out of the line of fire, but also a welcome respite for flagging attackers.

4: Hornet Down
The main 'deck' of the D-Base is a good place to land a hornet... but also a good place to get sniped or lasered.

5: The O-Base
The O-base features a significantly different aesthetic from the D-Base and it'll take different skills to make the most out of your stay there. Note that the final version is slightly more robust than indicated in this image.

6: The Central Corridor
A lot of the fighting goes down in the central structure, and holding the top is key in games of territories or KotH. Watch out for snipers and Hornets, though.

7: The Watchful Hornet
The hornet is probably the biggest power weapon on the map, but there are a number of ways to take care of it.

8: The Cross
With its brother, the... umm... anti-cross, these side structures help spread out the gameplay. Rockets (with only 2 shots) spawn here.

9: Laser Use 101
Remember what I said about that Hornet?

10: The Middle Ground
Generic action shot.

11: Get to da Choppa!
Chopper use is pretty important on this map, and much of the geometry was designed around their use. They're one of the best tools of vehicle deprivation available to either team. Plus, you know... RECONZ!!!

Youtube video link 1
Click here to view a video Blood F1r3 from ForgeHub created for the map.

Youtube video link 2
Click here to view a video somebody made of themselves running around the map.

Final Thoughts:

Well, Sandbox is going to be one hell of a fun map to play around with. I'm glad I got my hands on it early so I could churn this guy out. Thanks to Devinish for letting me steal his idea/the idea behind a passing comment. Thanks to my testers, and thanks to anyone who gets a game or two in on this map.

[Edited on 03.16.2009 6:30 PM PDT]

  • 03.05.2009 12:44 AM PDT

ChaoticGaming Admin


  • 03.05.2009 12:50 AM PDT

Bungie partners with Activi$ion...


Really well bult map. Nice use of geomerge and couldn't look better. The only thing you need to work on is the weapon setup. There are WAAAAAAAY too many BRs and Carbines and the Laser should spawn on 180 seconds, not 120.

  • 03.07.2009 10:47 AM PDT

Amazing, this is the first map that shows the potential of sandbox, if this was made on foundry it wud be 11/10 but knowing sandbox this is only like 1/10 wooooooooooooooooo.

  • 03.07.2009 4:30 PM PDT

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Truly amazing!

  • 03.08.2009 12:06 PM PDT

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