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"Relic" by aCannibalCorpse on 03.07.2009
A clearing in the sand remains in this wind-swept desert where a gigantic Forerunner structure survived untold centuries.
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Subject: Map Variant

Don't get cocky now!

This is my remake of Relic from Halo 2. I'm hoping I set up the assault and CTF modes properly to work with one bomb, multi bomb, one flag, and multiflag.

Just a FYI, not everything is exact... but it's pretty damn close in terms of layout. The shapes of the rocks and natural landscape arent going to be exact, as it's hard to create those objects with blocks.

Regardless, there's some sort of object similar in size for scattered rock formations to break up lines of sight.

Also, the two-way teleporter is alyays on, I didnt have the room / budget left to create a working switch.

The sniper tower has a slightly different shape and height, but you still have to use the grav lift behind it to get on. I thought it wouldnt be a good sniping location if it wasnt elevated off the ground, and had to have some short walls to hide behind.

The weapon layout is very similar to Halo 2, with a few minor changes. The minor changes being swapping some plasma rifles / needlers for spikers and a mauler. This way duals are encouraged more on the map with more variation. The rockets, shotgun, sword, beam rifle and sniper rifle are where they belong.

Also there are three pieces of equipment total, to compliment attackers and defenders. the power drainer is up for grabs near the center of the map between to rock formations, the deployable grav lift is in the teleporter room, and a regenerator is on the first level of the relic (on a pedistal).

The attacking side still has a warthog, but also added is a mongoose. The ghost for defenders has been replaced with a chopper to change the style a bit, and keep up with some Halo 3 goodness (not everything can be retro).

The map should also play great for regular slayer games, as there are neutral spawn points all over the map (I tried to keep it as close to where one would spawn in Halo 2).

Relic was one of my favorite maps from Halo 2; I spent a lot of hours over the past couple of days to re-create this gem. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I will when I get some games of 1-flag ctf going!

  • 03.08.2009 12:04 AM PDT

DMH | TMA | Blueprint

Can't be too careful with your company. I can feel the devil walking next to me.

Good remake, but when I DL'd it, it wasn't prepared for some gametypes. I'll redownload it, but in the version that I played, the only thing to improve is sight lines from the "albatross" to the structure. I could see directly to it. Otherwise a 9/10.

  • 03.25.2009 12:03 PM PDT

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"Time to reach out and touch someone..."

*Picks up a sniper rifle*

Great attempt, but you did forget a ramp on the back of the relic. And there was plenty of a difference to not add a chopper and leave a ghost to keep everything from being retro.

  • 04.10.2009 7:16 PM PDT

I am Savagery beyond Comprehention,

First I'd like to say that this is by far the best remake I've seen of any map. It plays very fluidly and while being smaller... still feels like the map we all came to know and love.

Secondly I have this habit of editing maps created by other users and trying to add something to make it better. And I honestly could not find a single thing to add. You rule man.

  • 04.15.2009 8:23 AM PDT

Great, but it would be better if the sniper tower and the ship where the Warthog spawns looked more like they did in H2. Otherwise, great

  • 06.01.2010 3:01 PM PDT

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