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"Par 25" by xX11joberry93Xx on 03.12.2009
This is like golf, except you use people instead of golfballs, & man cannons instead of clubs.
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I'm going to go crazy (and I'm taking you with me)

Map Description:

--Two bases, red and blue, are facing opposite each other in the sky bubble. Both sides have the same weapons and one Transport Hornet (it has no missile pods). In the vast expanse between the bases, tin cups are set up, they look kinda like islands if viewed from above. Some have "seven woods" on them, and some have equipment like trip mines and grav lifts on them. Some select few have man cannons on them which will proceed to shoot you to another archipelago, if you will, until you reach the next base. However, watch your step lest you fall into the abyss below. Some jumps are tricky and more than some require crouch jumping to make. This will continue on until you reach the other teams base and, if playing assault or capture the flag, get the objective. However you do not need to venture out of your base. This map is also an excellent map for testing out your sniping skills. Each base has two snipers, a couple of battle rifles, a spartan laser, some carbines and other weapons made for mid to long distance. Though there are many long range weapons, each base is also equipped with many shotguns, a sword and grav hammer each, turrets, spikers, needlers, fuel rod guns, brute shots, and other short to mid range weapons.

Map Story:

ONI's once top-secret recreational facility has just been "re-purposed" for the task of training new Spartan II officers, and teaching them the facts of life, or their life at least.


--There is a killball on the map which you can always happily fly into, I have provided you with a means to get there if you can see through the bloom and glare. The man cannon will be floating next to the island.

Recommended Game Variants:

--Multiple flag CTF, Two bomb assault (the neutral one is in the killball), Team King of the Hill, and Team slayer of any kind (unless it has gravity modification).


--Not for use with gravity modified game variants, for you will most likely always fall of the edge, this was tuned for normal speed and gravity. This in no way means use the original game variants that come with the disc, for the carrier of the bomb and flag are given slower speed but decreased gravity; this means that you will not make the jump.
Screenshots Now Available Here

IF YOU DOWNLOAD, PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT. IF IT'S NOT TOO MUCH HASSLE, RECOMMEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS. But please send all comments relating to suggestions on how I can improve the map to my profile instead of posting it on the page, Thank You.

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  • 03.12.2009 9:27 AM PDT
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Well, I like the effort, honestly I do. Island hopping however rapidly devolves into a snipefest.

  • 03.12.2009 6:36 PM PDT

Hello,my name is Andrew,aka Redcode 137...I love forging maps and cant wait till halo 4 comes out,see ya!


  • 04.24.2010 4:37 AM PDT


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