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"Babel" by KalicoKaiju on 03.07.2009
An ancient tower covered in strange relics looms above the desert floor. These crumbling structures have seen many battles...
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An ancient Forerunner structure has been discovered under the vast desert. Previous Covenant occupation is apparent, given the appearance of gravity lifts and shield doors. However due to the potential of gaining information from these Relics, ONI has sent in a small team to clear out any remaining forces and reach the top of this capture it's mysterious flag of course.

So here is my first attempt at a map on the ever changing Sandbox. I have played it a few times with my friends and have tried to balance it as best as I can with the resources I have available to me.

This map is designed as a homage to my first real custom map I made back on Sandtrap, a sort of spiritual successor, or what I would have done had I been able to at the time. That being said, they both are heavily influenced by Relic from Halo 2 and the type of gameplay it brought to the table of battling up to a well defended base and then leaping down to run back to the base as the defenders quickly realize they are screwed.

The custom gametype designed for this map, that also went with my previous map, is called Base Jumping, also located in the file set for the map.

A few hints and strategies:
Defenders: You all start out in the tower directly to the right of the main base tower. You must jump down to be able to defend your flag. If possible don't fall at any cost as it is time consuming to try and get back up and puts your team at a big disadvantage. That being said though, all your powerful weapons (including a missile pod, shotgun, sniper, and even an oversheild) are located at ground level. In order to get back up quickly use the man-cannon that runs up the secondary tower you spawned on, but make sure to have a grav lift or you will be stuck once you get up there (the one near the man-cannon is set to respawn much slower than normal, so make use of it while you can!). Try and take out the hornet and always be weary of the "Vault-Porter" sneak attacks. Cover all entrances and work as a team, and you should be able to keep your attackers at bay!

Attackers: There are plenty of options available to you so pick one and make a concentrated assault. There is always the Hornet for a quick score, but be weary of missle pods and rockets. The area to the left of the base tower has columns sticking out for you to climb on, though that can be tricky to get up and is relatively slow (but there is a rocket located near there). Your second option is the same way the Defenders should normally get back up to their base, with the tower on the right (again, just make sure you have a grav lift! there are a few located at your starting base). This will not only provide a quick way up, but also give you the high ground and make your attack much easier on you. The last option is my personal favorite: the "Vault-Porter". As mentioned above this is a remake of the original one from "Sky Fortress". Simply walk up into the entrance at the bottom of the base tower (making sure not to miss the sword and invisibility behind the pallets!) and make you way to the teleporter. After entering, position yourself as you fall through the long tunnel so you don't hit anything to slow you down. In a quick second or two you and vaulted up to the top of the defender's base and in a perfect position to take the flag. If by chance you don't quite make it, there is a teleporter in there for those stuck, but it takes you way out to the back of the map. Make wise use of the custom power up and radar jammer to the right and left of the base respectively, as well.

There is also a walkthrough video available Here to show locations of weapons/powerups and the ways onto the base.


There it the distance! How breathtaking!

Down the hole to the Vault-Porter...whooosh!

Taking care of that pesky Hornet. Ha!

Not the preferred method of leaving...

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  • 03.17.2009 12:16 PM PDT

I love it. Make me some more. Senor. adios. Hasta viernes.

  • 03.26.2009 1:28 PM PDT
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Can you mabye make one that is JUST a big tower with windows, stairs, and a landing pad on top. Similar to the ODST Campaign (ONI/Police Department).

  • 10.09.2009 5:12 PM PDT


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