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"Paradise City" by PrimeGrateModz on 03.20.2009
In Paradise City, a band of robbers has stolen from the local warehouse; the cops are trying all they can to put them in jail.
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- PrimeGrateModz

Paradise City

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A great Cops and Robbers map to be played with people who know how to play.
This is a remake[v2] of my old Pardise City map.
This map should be played with the linked "Cops n' Robbers" gametype.



Cops: If you are a cop, your goal is to capture every robber and send them to jail. Remember though, innocent before proven guilty - so if a robber hasn't visibly done anything wrong, it is suggested that you interrogate him first. If you like being a crooked cop (not suggested) you will probably just send them directly to jail, or, just because you feel like it, shoot them in the face...

Robbers: Technically, your job is to lay low and not cause any trouble, after all, you just robbed a warehouse. Some choose, however, to stir up a fight and get themselves either thrown in jail or killed...


Cops: Cops spawn in a blue hallway.

Robbers: Robbers spawn in a warehouse.


Cops: Cops start out with pistols. You will find plasma genades, stick grenades, battle rifles, shotguns, and a plasma pistol to disable vehicles in the armory if you need them. Sniper rifles are located on the sniped deck of the police station.

Robbers: Robbers start out with pistols as well. Assault rifles and other equipment can be found in the Robbers' hideout.


Cops: Four Warthogs are parked inside the police station.

Robbers: Four Mongooses are parked outside the warehouse you just robbed.


Police Station (building marked with blue)

In the police station you will find many things that will assist you in throwing the robbers in jail; if things get tough, self defense.

Armory: When you spawn, walk straight and make a left. This unavoidable room is the armory.

Warthogs: After exiting the armory, you should find four Warthogs parked in the bay.

Gate: Although the gate automatically opens after two minutes, it is closed to keep out unwelcomed visitors. If you would like to just walk out, use the door next to the gate[WARNING: Going through the door you came out of will lead to the interrogation room (see interrogation room below)]. To open the gate, simply hit[shoot] the switch[fusion coil] above the Warthog bay.

Interrogation Room: To reach this room, jump down to the warthog bay and go to the corner diagonal to the gate. Go inside and wait for someone to appear on the other side of the fence. To get a prisoner into the interrogation room, lead them to the front door of the Police Station. WARNING: ONCE YOU GO INTO THE INTERROGATION ROOM, THE ONLY OTHER PLACE TO GO IS JAIL.

Sniper Deck: After leaving the armory, there should be a teleporter to your right. This leads to the sniper deck; you can get back down by going through the teleported again. There is a pocket near the teleporter on the deck that leads to a perch overlooking the inside of the police station.

Turrets: After leaving the armory, there should be two teleporters to your left. The left one leads to the left turret, the right one leads to the right. You cannot use the teleporters to get back inside.

Jail (building marked with red)
The jail in this game is not at all like the ones in real life. If you're smart though, you can find the way out.

Robbers' Hideout (building marked with yellow)
The Robbers' Hideout is just as the name inferrs; the hideout of the robbers.

Warehouse (unmarked building)
This warehouse is, well, just a warehouse. Of course, I'm not taking into accout the fact that it was just robbed...



Jail Inside
Police Station
Police Station Inside (view 1 - Perch)
Police Station Inside (view 2 - Gate Switch)
Police Station Inside (view 3 - Exits)
Police Station Inside (view 4 - Interrogation Room)
Police Station Inside (view 5 - Interrogation Room)
Police Station Inside (view 6 - Warthog Bay)
Police Station Inside (view 7 - Armory)
Police Station Inside (view 8 - Spawn Hall)
Robbers' Hideout
Robbers' Hideout Inside (view 1)
Robbers' Hideout Inside (view 2)
Warehouse Inside (view 1)
Warehouse Inside (view 2)

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