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"Rob City" by Joenathanishere on 03.23.2009
Requires my game type. By Joenathanishere
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This is my complete cops n' robs map. This isnt like other cops n' robbers map, this map involves objectives for the citizens of Rob City.

1. Robbery
2. The gun shop
3. Drugs
4. The "Happy Room"
5. The last man
6. RCPD guide

1. Since it's spring many people have gone on vacation during spring break, leaving their homes unwatched. If your break into their houses you will find money (frag grenades). Watch out! The cops are patrolling the neighborhood, you get caught and you go to jail!

2. Now you might be thinking, "what is the money for?". There's a gun shop at the corner of the town. All you have to do is throw a grenade in the top slot, and through the bottom slot of the vending machine battle rifles will pop out! AMAZING!

3. If you know about the U.S. border, you might know about the troubles of drugs being passed around. Just this morning, confiscated drugs from the border have been taken to Rob City's police station. If you can, sneak into the trucks and grab the drugs, they will allow you to put damage on the cops! Now that all your objectives are complete, time to go BR vs. BR with the cops, but try not to fight the cops while the two are together, or else you will either go to the "Happy Room", or get shot to death!

4. What is the "Happy Room"? The happy room is an execution chamber in which criminals will die from explosions! The explosions go off after 3 min., giving criminals time to think of what they have done. If your a merciless cop, you can throw a grenade on the door and the room will explode right away.

5. If your the last man, the criminals of the city are jealous of you due to being a good boy, but you have been framed for murderer! The cops are after you, but luckily one of your buddies dropped off a stealth suit and sword on top of the big tower of Rob City. You are able to jump on the tower by jumping off the Gun store. Once you get the suit you must become as stealthy as possible!

6. This is the guide for those with the RCPD (Rob City Police Department). Your goal is to keep the city safe and peaceful, not cause trouble. You are not to kill citizens unless assaulted. If you find citizens speeding or recklessly driving, you must pull them over and give them a warning, doing so again will send them to jail. If any murderers are taken place, the criminal will go to the "Happy Room". Any of the following will result in going to jail: robbery, drug use, handling illegal weapons, or any violence. Breaking any of these rules will result in loosing your job and get booted from the game.

Thanks for downloading my map and reading the rules!

3/23/09: MAP UPDATE: 1 window panel in the police station didn't spawn at start, that has been fixed

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