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"Castle Crashers" by Conkerkid11 on 03.29.2009
A conquest map fit for a king. Must be played with Castle Conquest. A map built for 8-16 players.
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Where are we?

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Castle Crashers, my second project on Sandbox, and by far my best map ever. Castle Crashers is my very first competitive map on Sandbox, and my first attempt at a territories map. Castle Crashers may be labeled as a Conquest map, but don't let that confuse you or anything. This is not a traditional conquest map. It is not symmetrical, and it uses two things that traditional conquest maps are ussualy unable to use; vehicles, and equipment. Some of the weapons you will also find odd to be put in a Conquest map. But think of this as a one-sided, vehicle, Conquest map. If you think differently of the map, and deny the fact that it is a Conquest map. Then I can simply just edit this post, and change the prefix to Sandbox.

The map, simply put. Is a very long bridge structure, with two castles. The defenders spawn inside the castle, and are unable to escape. Here you will find slits in the walls that make for windows. You cannot jump out of them, but instead use them to shoot down at the attackers. The defenders are given 4 brute shots at the start, and a battle rifle. With these weapons, they must shoot down, through the windows of the castle, at the attackers. The job of the defenders, is simply this; defend each, and every territory using the weapons given. The defenders also have a two way node inside the castle, that leads to a much smaller room. These two castles are the only places the defenders will ever find themselves.

The attackers spawn behind their vehicles, and must charge the defenders using tactics, and communication to their advantage. This is where that "Castle Crashers" part comes in. In order for the attackers to progress through each castle, they must break down the walls with their warthogs. Don't try breaking it down with explosives, or mongooses. It won't work. Beyond the first castle is a jump that brings you to the second attacker base. The second attacker base is another place the defenders can spawn. But they can only begin spawning there if they take the third territory.

The rest of the map is pretty basic. Just a much larger castle for the attackers to crash, and from there they go to the courtyard. The courtyard is where most of the territories are located, and goes in a spiral. This part is based on moving on foot, and using the line of sight to your advantage.

I recommend playing with 8-16 players.

This map plays with territories, and only territories. Any other gametype might cause you to spawn on the edge of a cliff somewhere, or underwater next to Spongebob's house. No, but really, this map only plays with territories. There are 8 territories total, and they all take 20 seconds to capture. Each of them with their own set size. 75% damage, and practically all the same settings as Conquest v4, except that the starting weapons are an Assault Rifle, and a Battle Rifle. Play this map with even teams, ranging from 4v4, to 8v8, and you'll be fine.


Attacker Base
Territory 1, and Castle
Territory 2, and jump
Territory 2, and jump (Another View)
2nd Attacker Base, and Territory 3, 4, and 5
2nd Attacker Base, and Territory 4
5th Territory
6th Territory
Overview of The Final Section
Man cannon trap

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy playing my map!

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  • 03.30.2009 5:36 PM PDT

sounds good gonna try it (u are on the seventh page of most download sandbox maps (same as me)

i rate 10

  • 05.04.2009 4:28 AM PDT

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