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"ma house" by McEachern21 on 03.31.2009
After the orbital elevator fell, supply warehouses sending munitions to space were soon abandoned. 4-12 players
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Map Variant

Comment and rate my file share. I will put new ones in eventually. The map that im working on is taking forever but it will be worth it. I hate the budget thing. Thanks bungie now our maps can't be their best. Message me if you have ideas for forge


sorry people i didnt feel like writing the description on an xbox so ill do it here

This map is kinda my house but with lil tweaks like guns every where, no roof, zombies, you know. theres plenty of ways in and it even has garage doors and another regular door. sniping places are plentiful as are camping spots ( the best one is in the the room with the TV and the wire spool. just jump on the legde above the big door- the one with red lights- then crouch under and your in.there is a sword, grav lift, and dploy cover. the grav lift is for the crate in side the room. throw it on there and up it goes closing one door opening another) another thing is the crap outside the house. i didnt know what to do about the zombies so i did that but i did it horribly cuz im lasy like that so just delete it and do waht you wish.

Check out my other file share things and tell your friends to.
Wear a helmet you'll need it ( zombies like brains),


  • 04.03.2009 7:09 PM PDT

Bungie has a chance to take over the world!!!

You should make a game varinat with it u no =P

  • 07.28.2009 8:58 AM PDT


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