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"Barren Outpost" by Kurty66 on 04.11.2009
A pristine fortress in the vast domains of the desert.
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Subject: Map Variant

Dl for sure

  • 04.11.2009 6:18 PM PDT

Conquering the world since 1995

I saw this on forge battle. I posted a comment there but this map is so amazing that from the screens I have to give this 10 out of 10. Everything is just done so well.

  • 05.01.2009 6:09 PM PDT
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Nice work!

  • 05.03.2009 7:38 PM PDT

The Spartan Special Ops
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Why yes I did just copy the group description

Map Reviewer-gun123456

Map Name-Barren Outpost

Gametypes-Team Slayer, CTF, and Assualt

Map Forger-Kurty66

The Review

First off, you have done some really good stuff with this map. Alot of it looks good, and is unique. I saw some really cool structual design that I would have never thought of making. Some of my favorites being the Rocket Spawn building, and the Roman Sniper Tower on the other side. They just look really cool and actually play well.

This map hosts Team Slayer, CTF, and Assualt. Much like the default Sandbox. And personally, I think this map can rival the default Sandbox for matchmaking. Both the bomb and flags respawn in bases on each side of the map. Each side has unique structures that make them different, and yet they are actually symetrical. Team slayer plays normally as well.

Forge Review
This map has great forging. A pretty simple statement, but a very truthful one. Yes, the map looks great. And that is one of the reasons I love it so much. Yes, the map does lack in the Advanced forging methods, but is still forged excellently. Everything is extrodinarily neat and smooth.

The structures on this map are superb. From the "Covenant Sniper tower" To the Roman themed Sniper tower. Another point of interest is the center rocket respawn. And everything is actually symetrical. Each side almost perfectly matches the other, with a few exceptions in strucute types, positions, etc.

Weapons are strategically placed, and the lack of BR's is fixed by their fast respawns. So instead of the six, its like having eight. Brute shots, the Rocket, are all weapons of interest. The thing that bothers me is that only one side has a sniper. Thats a bit uneven dont you think?

Another problem was the Covenant sniper tower. It was a bit hard to get up into, even with the grav lift.

Gameplay Review
Gameplay on this map works as good as the Default Sandbox. CTF plays really well and is fun to play with friends. And Assualt is another gametype that works well with this map. The unique layout of the map calls for some quick thinking and strategy. Teamwork is definatly key on this map.

The only problem I saw was the spawn points. The Spawn points near the bases should be set to Defenders of Attackers, while the ones near the center should be Neutral. Other than that, gameplay works out well on this map.

The Rateing
Forging- 9/10
Gameplay- 9/10

Barren Outpost

Want a map reviewed? Pm me

  • 05.24.2009 11:00 PM PDT
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I like the map. I just dont get where you guys get the time to make these kinds of things

  • 09.08.2009 7:06 PM PDT

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