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"Facility" by Achilles018 on 04.12.2009
The three main energy reactors in the Scarab Assembly Depot have ruptured. It won' t be long before they explode. 2-8 players.
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Subject: Map Variant

Assembly. All Covenant weapons. The middle room is completely blocked. The only way in is through the bottom, via grav lift.. Inside the room are 2 energy swords, which gives you plenty of reason to enter. However, once you are inside the middle room, you cannot escape until die. This is good and bad. It's good because, with your sword, it is easy to kill people who unknowingly come up the grav lift. It's bad, because if no one goes up there after you, you're trapped. Also, since you are trapped in there with your 2 swords, if someone goes into the room and kills you, you're out of the room and now THAT PERSON is trapped.

In addition, the 2 main lifts at each base have been blocked, so you're going to have to take the long way around. This way, It makes all gametypes more difficult, as well as more interesting. When playing Slayer, it's hard to escape gun fire and grenade blasts, via the lift, because it is blocked. Also, this makes Objective games like Capture the Flag and Assault last longer, even on a smaller map like Assembly.

The lift that goes up to the Rocket Launcher (or, on this map, the Fuel Rod Cannon) isn't blocked, so have at it! Each base also has its own benefits. For example, one base will have Active Camo toward the right of it, and the other base will have Overshield. Also, the two large openings on the 2nd floor of both bases have energy shields over them, so you wont get nailed playing SWAT as soon as you show your face. But you can walk through the shields, so don't go too far!

This is my Assembly Variant: Facility.
I hope you like it.

  • 04.13.2009 3:08 PM PDT


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