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"BNGLEUS" by Hylebos on 04.13.2009
Double helix staircases rise from the pool of life. To be played with BNGL Slayer.
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Subject: Map Variant

This is my first ever forged map. Built in the skybox, the map consists of two double helix staircases that spin counter clockwise around the "mongoose pool", a circular basin which contains 8 mongooses which perpetually bounce around over a blanket of shield doors, creating a hypnotic liquid like effect. Suspended above the mongooses is the fuel rod cannon, a powerful B.U.N.G.L.E. pro weapon which can be used to blow your opponents literally off of the level. To succesfully get the fuel rod cannon, one must bounce off of a mongoose or they won't be able to make the jump (most of the time).

At the top center of the construct is a single platform which has the flamethrower spawn, which is deliciously fun when you use it to create walls of flame to prevent your opponent's progress up the stairs.

On every step there is a type of grenade and either spikers, a sentinel beam, or a piece of equipment. One of the deadliest weapons on this level is the flare, which blinds everyone and can cause perfectly planned jumps to fail, sending players into the abyss.

The map is unique for it's height and it's allure to players who specialize in close quarter combat. You not only need to watch out from attacks above or below you on the stairway but you must also look across and behind you to look for people jumping from other stairways for that perfect assasination kill.

This map was designed for use with BNGL Slayer, but could concieveably be played with a swords gametype.

If you have any thoughts or feedback about the map, just drop me a PM.

  • 04.14.2009 8:20 PM PDT

This sounds really really fun! I have DL'd it and I will play it a.s.a.p.

  • 04.15.2009 7:19 AM PDT

"This is the definitive Halo made by the people who created Halo."

- Martin O'Donnell


  • 05.22.2010 1:38 PM PDT

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