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"KE: Azkaban" by on 10.21.2007
Azkaban... where wizarding prisoners are made to suffer. Its deep, its dark, and just downright scary. 5-12 players
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Subject: [Forge Hub] KE: Azkaban 1000+ Downloads

"Azkaban, where wizarding prisoners are made to suffer. Its deep, its dark, and downright scary. 5-12 players"

Forge Hub

KE: Jail Break

Hazard Zone
Zombie Zone

Map Backstory:

This was the first map that I made that was accepted by the Forge Hub. Now my original idea that lead me to this was nowhere near what I have now. My first idea was to take a Juggernaut and give him some sniping type ordeal. And put him in a hazardous environment as he tries to get as many kills as possible. Now I realized this couldn't work since you can not setup juggernaut in rounds. I wanted the killer of the juggernaut to be it next and start inside the juggernaut hazard zone. Well yeah, not so much.

So I thought about the zombie being the so called "juggernaut", kinda like in Forge Hub's Hobo Heights. The problem with that was that when the zombie killed somebody they were automatically a zombie, regardless of how many lives they had. The juggernaut should have an unlimited amount of possible kills untill they died. So I switched the roles and made the "juggernaut" the human, and accepted the fact that there could be multiple juggernauts. So I had to change a few things to match the stereo typical zombies. Zombies with no shields, humans (or "juggernauts") with BRs. Now, juggernauts needed a hazardous zone to play in, with the zombies having limited or no access to it, AND the zombies needed a way to kill the juggernauts. Any reload weapon would take too long for zombies to reload with, causing them death. So I chose grenades, which with the help of the infinite trick game zombies a constant threat weapon.

Now for the creation of the hazardous zone. Now with grenades as the threat weapon... the zone has to be either high up, or very close. If it was high up then the zombies would not be able to strategically aim their shots, so their would be no skill in it. So I stuck wit hup close. Now I needed a confined area. I had just played my Facility map (which is not yet published, but in my fileshare). And realized the little garage area would work very well. So I closed off that area (which went through several stages and difficulties and has a whole long story of its own). Then I seperated it into two "zones". Now I wanted zombies to be able to through grenades through and the juggernauts to stll be able to get headshots when on the ground. So I thought, since I love teleporters I'm gonna use though. So I put barriers on the ground and floated teleporters above them, which went to two-ways at the back of the zombie zone. The reason why I didn't use receivers was because I needed something to hold up objects to help extend and block off the zombie zone.

Now after all that I wanted to give the juggernauts a way to evade the grenades, but still leave zombies a way for them to get rid of that evasion. So I placed the four grav lifts around the hazard zone. Another temporary way to stay alive was added in a custom powerup form. It gives invulnerability for 5 seconds and spawns every 20 seconds. And finally, infinite grenades were laid out in the zombie zone, frags and plasmas. There were no spikes cuz that defeats the purpose of the grav lifts avoiding hazards, since you could just stick a spike to the ceiling. And no flame grenades cuz they are broken area of effect(AOE) stickies. Now for the actual description, what the hardcore players are actually interested in (this backstory is for those who have time to learn and appreciate stuff)...

Map Description:

Aliright, there are two zones... the zombie zone and the hazard zone. In the zombie zone there are teleporters and frag/plasma grenades... that objective is simple, toss grenades to your hearts content and don't waste time trying to go through the center. Now the hazard side has 4 grav lifts in a square formation and a custom power up in the center. The grav lifts are for evading grenades, sometimes you will get stuck up there (pun intended), but that's the price you pay to avoid explosions on the ground. They respawn every 10 seconds. The powerup is 5 second invulnerability that respawns every 20 seconds. Your goal on the hazard side is to headshot zombies, who have 2000% percent damage resistance to ignore their teams grenades and not die to body shots. Oh and since humans have an unlimited number of possible kills, zombies get 2 points for every human kill they get.

Here are the little tricks you get to know just for reading this part. Plasma grenades are your main grenades, frags are there as a multi-purpose backup grenade. In the zombie zone, if the last few people are hiding in their hiding spot, there is a case on the left of the teleporters that you can knock down in order to get them. Its hard to get to during the initial stages, so save it for the last few people. Humans can hide on the right side of their zone for cover to regenerate shields. Of course that is at the expense of getting kills, and vulnerability to infiltration. Use the grav lifts wisely, don't just sit up there for a long time, leaving you victim to the sticks or the lift being destroyed with another grenade waiting under you. Remember to constantly move into the center in hope of your 5 seconds of freedom.


Frag Grenades
Plasma Grenades

That's all for this map. I will continue on the backstories mainly because you can learn little tricks to make your level just a little better. Or just getting some insight on the map or something. When I finish the write ups for my other maps I will post links accordingly. AZN Out!

Maps by the AZN:

The Platform
Mario Tower
The Labyrinth
Training Ground
The Cellars
The Estate *NEW*

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  • 10.21.2007 4:00 PM PDT
Subject: [Forge Hub] KE: Azkaban w/Pics

how did u get the screens for this. i have pics but i dont know where to find the link. when i view the screenshots, there is know adress at the top of the window.

  • 10.21.2007 4:08 PM PDT
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[quote]Posted by: RabbitEars 96
how did u get the screens for this. i have pics but i dont know where to find the link. when i view the screenshots, there is know adress at the top of the window.[/quote
Right click the middle of the window with the screenshot and press properties. There will be a section where it shows the URL.

  • 10.21.2007 6:49 PM PDT
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Forge Hub has now featured this map and added AZN FTW to its ranks.

AZN I think the map turned out well, and you did a great job on it. It's a ton of fun for the whole family to enjoy!

  • 10.23.2007 4:25 PM PDT
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I was impressed by this map. It didn't look very good, but once I played it, it suddenly seemed really good. It has it's own modified gameplay setup that works so well when you actually play it. Rated 5/5 and given a post to get other people to check it out.

  • 11.28.2007 3:00 PM PDT


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