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"Affliction" by Conkerkid11 on 04.23.2009
An Asymmetrical map fit for all gametypes. 8-12 players
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Subject: Map Variant

Where are we?

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Affliction is a large asymmetrical map, that features two very unique bases, and a sniper cove off to the side in the dunes. Inspired by Gridlocked in some small regards, Affliction utilizes Sandbox's geometry by geomerging each base into the dunes. Sticking the defensive base slightly away from the middle, stretching across almost 1/4 of the map's face. And the attacking base as far away from the middle as possible, gives each team the same distance to travel in order to reach the main power weapon. The weapon that intrigues every player to run towards the middle on Standoff. The spartan laser creates most of the flow of the map by itself, just by sitting in the middle of the map. Not because whoever gets it dominates, but because it brings both teams together, and starts off the first fight of the game.

The unique weapon selection complements the vehicular nature of the map well, creating some spectacular battles that are sure to keep players begging for more. Affliction uses every bit of Sandbox's geometry to make it the perfect asymmetrical map. From the sniper cove, to the vehicles, and weapons that are all necessities to this map. You are your party will be having one hell of a time trying to keep up with the constant thrills of Affliction that will just keep coming, and coming!

Sandbox had a very unique forging experience to me, so I tried to utilize every bit of space when creating Affliction. You won't find an inch of space that isn't neecessary for the map's gameplay. From the geomerged bases, to the interlocked middle structure. This map for sure, will get you and your party pumped up to the extreme!

I recommend playing with 8-12 players.
Affliction plays with all default gametypes.

One-sided Assault is recommended. Try to keep the party size to about 8. Neutral and two-sided assault also works, but being an asymmetrical map, the defenders will always have a larger base. Affliction is set up for all types of Assault, so make your choice.
Capture The Flag
One-sided Capture The Flag is recommended. Try to keep the party size to about 8, like Assault. Otherwise the defenders might get overpowered. Keep the teams even of course, and if you go odd. Keep the extra guy on the attackers side. Affliction plays with both one-sided and two-sided. But being an asymmetrical map, the defenders will always have their advantages.
The zombies spawn in the attackers base, and the humans spawn in the defenders base. Being that the defenders base is really huge, I'm sure you will get a kick out of this gametype! Whether it's Save One Bullet, or Hide And Seek. I'm sure you are your party will have a fun time!
Affliction's Juggernaut gametype plays out like Juggernaut on any other map. Affliction being an open map, Ninjanaut doesn't play out as well as it should, but regular Juggernaut and Mad Dash are great!
King of The Hill
Affliction plays out best on Team King, because the map is so open, and FFA is kinda winly. So Mosh Pit, and Crazy King might not work out the way you want it to.
The oddball is located in the middle of the map, and there is no way to get the oddball out of the map. The towers are not blocked, and they will kill you if you try and run the oddball out of the map. With FFA I would try and keep the maximum amount of people at 6 or 7, but with teams it plays with the regular 8-12.
I recommend sticking with Team Slayer, because FFA might play out a bit odd. Keep your teammates close, work together. All that hardcore -blam!- you do in Matchmaking.
Affliction works with Territories, Land Grab, and Flag Rally. Playing best with Land Grab, due to it being Attackers VS Defenders. But regular Territories plays out just like Standoff.
Although set up for rocket race, you might not spawn near a mongoose, and you might not even get the chance to get a mongoose. So I recommend you just play with normal team VIP.

  • 04.23.2009 9:16 PM PDT

Nice map im gonna download it and try it out although what gametype does it go to? is it a infection slayer or etc u know ohh well im gonna download it

  • 09.11.2009 12:16 PM PDT
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This an't ur map this map belongs to my friend USNSEABEE555
don't steal :(

  • 09.15.2009 8:21 PM PDT

I am the walrus. Fear the walrus.

Master gigs... you're an idiot

the person you said that the map is probably stole it from conkerkid. either that or there is a misunderstanding because "Affliction" is a very common name for a map.

I know Conkerkid... he wouldn't steal a map.

  • 09.16.2009 2:55 PM PDT

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