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"Submerged V.89" by abutt on 04.25.2009
Go thru the caverns... snipe... control the top.... discover the SECRETES..... all the above will ensure VICTORY
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About the map: Submerged V.89

Screenshot: Enter

(i have 24 pictures so i didnt want to link all of them onto this page so i put them in a set file attached to the picture Above. So when you click on the ENTER look to the right at the set file Submerged V.89 and you can see the rest of the 24 pictures. Or click File Set with Screenshots and then scroll to the file set called Submerged V.89 and there are the pictures. Also almost every picture has a description with it, where it is and how significant it is on the map.)

File Set with Screenshots

Only works on slayer team slayer or zombies i dont know what would happen if you tried anything else.

The entire map is taken place in the crypt. However there are a few rare exceptions such as when you start out a lot of the time you are above the crypt but there are portals to take you down (don't take the one in the middle of the hole.) Another exception is when you go into the kill ball that has a portal inside of it . Screen shot (Portal 2 Sky). That take you to Sky bubble where there are 3 kill balls waiting for you to kill you. BUT, if you land in the correct spot there is a portal that takes you to the Hornet in the crypt. {screen shot (The Hornet) }.

Most of the portals on the map are randomly set. The ones at the bottom of the map go to a random one every time. There are 2 receiver portals in the Flower. 1 two way portal on top of the flower. 1 recever at the midway point. 2 more receiver directly behind the midway point. 1 two way inside and above the middle of the Lower snipping posts. Visible from screen shot Lower Snip Post. IF you look at that screen shot you and look at the middle of it. inside there is a (deploy able ) grave lift if you use it and go straight up there is the portal.

The hornet never re spawn
The banshee {screen shot (Banshie Hanger) } will respawn every 180 seconds
The Tank at the bottom of the crypt will never re spawn

FWI- The flower on top of the middle of the map. there is a screen shot called The flower to see what it looks like

IF in the mood for a challange there are 4 secret swords on the map 1 rocket and 2 missle pod. Find them

My personal description of the map:
The map is made to snipe people on the bottom floors, and it is also made to have a war through all the caverns of the map. There are sooo many passages and different portals. Most of these portals are randomly set. (read description of portal above.) that it makes can play unpredictable and fun. But not to unpredictable where it is ridicules. The vehicles in the map are well balanced out where the heavy vehicles have a slow or never re spawn set and the light vehicles respond faster. The other balance to this is that there are enough spartan laser and missile pods set on the map to destroy the vehicles when used. But not to much where the whole game is about getting in a vehicals and lasering none stop.

My favorite part of this map is the top. if used correctly you or your team can control the game from that point. there is a shield door there so you can stand back when people fly up into the top. [as you can see from screen shot (In the TOP) ] you can also snip from the top of the top by just jumping up to it. IF someone gets to powerful up there there is also a portal there in the top (Portal in TOP) that if you use any portal there is a chance you can randomly be sent there. IF you arrive there there is a shotgun and a mauler for your use. Crouch and grap the shotgun walk around the corner BAM dead you own the top. :D Another way to enter is to use the secrete teleportal on top of the top. The Portal is a 2 way the other one is on top of the flower. You have to crouch to go into so that make it a little secretive. so that makes 4 ways to get to the top 1 from the mid point 1 from the flower going up and 1 from the teleportal ontop of the flower and 1 random portal inside the top.

Well that is about all the info i can give you. wow that was a lot of work

Please Download Rate High and ENJOY!!!!

Map: Submerged V.89


Newer Version of this Map has been Made. Submerged V.190

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