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"3 Levels of -_-" by BToney005 on 04.26.2009
For use with Chase. (this map is untested, please send feedback.) 4-16 players
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  • Map: Sandbox
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Subject: Map Variant

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Just downloaded the map and to be honest, it isn't brilliant. The map has many flaws. I admit that i havn't downloaded the gametype you recomend and i only went through the map in forge but i have found several problems straight away that need to be addressed for a good map.

For starters, your map is too dark. I understand that when creating a zombie map it is tempting to use the Gloomy colour effect and i have used the effect many times myself, but the effect is terrible in conjunction with the crypt section of your map. I found myself running about unclear of where i was and what i was doing because i wasn't able to clearly see the route ahead. I can only imagine how annoying getting stuck in a cornor unable to see where you are and then killed by the zombie that was following you would be like. Take off the Gloomy effect. The Juicy effect i have mixed feelings about so try it out yourself. Experiment.

Secondly, weapons. I noticed all your weapons are placed at the top of the map in the sky bubble. What happens when you run out of ammo when your still in the crypt? Evenly spacing the weapons on all 3 levels of the map will garentee that IF you run out of ammo then you don't have a huge run to get more. Also you have pretty much loaded up the map with only poower weapons. You need a larger variety. Throw in some SMG's or plasma rifles. Add some pistols, mix it up. Another problem is the respawn rate on the weapons. In a fast paced zombie game, a rocket launcher will only last so long, most certainly not 3 minutes. I agree power weapons should have long respawns which ties in with my previous comment add in some weaker weapons so you have something to hold off the zombies while you wait for the power weapon to respawn.

Thirdly, the most important part of any map and your biggest mistake. Respawn points. You placed nine on the map. What happens if 16 people play? You should have a minimum of 20 respawn points on the map. 1 for every player and as many extra as you feel you need to prevent spawn camping. I cannot stress enough how important spawn placement is. If you need help with spawn placement check out Forgehub. They have tutorial videos on how to place effective spawn points.

Finally the level design. i found out early on that zombie games that involve the survivors getting somewhere rarely work out. This is usually because if a survivor accidently commits suicide, they spawn at the beginning of the map and have to fight there way through the zombies again but on there own. There have been a few successful maps that involve going from A to B but most don't do well. Sorry.

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:3 no have

jajjajajajja yea

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