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"Stonehenge v02b" by DEEP NNN on 05.05.2009
Stonehenge was replicated on this barren world by the Founders but their scaler was faulty. Slayer, Flag and Bomb only.
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DEEP NNN = Depends

Clan 2old2pwn on 2old2play.

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.

This map variant has a replica of Stonehenge as its centre piece. It's a reasonable facsimile that includes many of the major stone artifacts of the well known historic site in their relative positions. This map version includes object fusion to clean up some less esthetically pleasing aspects of the original map variant and geo-merging was used on several fallen Sarsen stones to add additional authenticity to this replica.

On either end of the playing field there are two main bases to work from and each shares the circular theme of Stonehenge. I call them Fin and Block base.Two quarter field outposts were added with a hope they help combat the Sniper activity from the half field side bases. The map plays small and does not include vehicles.

Portable Grav lifts were replaced with two permanent versions at either end of the outer ring thus eliminating the elevator glitch using grav lifts on small damaged columns. The timing from the centre of each base to a power weapon on top of the outer ring is identical by time.

Rockets and Active Camo are equidistant from each base's centre as are most symmetrically laid out weapons.

Three game types are currently implemented. Slayer (FFA and Team), Flag and Assault. I've laid the game out with the intent that combatants will choose to fight through the ruins.

Initial spawns are purposely set behind the main bases to allow players a panoramic view of the playing field and allow about three seconds for some type of action planning. Respawning does not occur there.

Respawn points inside the historic site only become active during Slayer FFA, Three and Four teams. Flag, Assault and Two Team Slayer do not use these points as I found attackers spawning too close to the defenders to make for a good game.

The weapons are laid out very symmetrically over the entire map. The power weapons are generally inside the henge. Those adventurous enough to take a grav lift to the top will be rewarded with a choice of Sword or Hammer.

Good luck, play fair and have fun. :)

COMMENT: 05/06/09
Regarding Stonehenge's alignment with the Summer and Winter Solstice. This replica is aligned with our Sun. Not the one in the Sandbox world. LOL

COMMENT: 05/06/09
I am working on some ideas I had regarding the bases. I've moved the centre point of each base back two blocks and increased the radius of the outer rings by about the same amount. The result has been more space inside each base while maintaining the same distance from Stonehenge. In the attacker base the dual ring of offset blocks has been changed to a single ring of aligned block pairs. Not available yet. I will have to rebuild a lot of the map to accomplish these changes before releasing it because I hit the object limit at the end of construction of this version. I deleted the stacked objects too soon and made additions after that fact. Not a good move.

Don't be afraid to leave constructive comments. ;)

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