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"Unforgiven 1.9" by CenturionOmegaI on 05.09.2009
v1.9 Hang 'Em High / Tombstone Remake. All Gametypes. 4-12 Players. Thanks to the many who have helped out.
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"Time to reach out and touch someone..."

*Picks up a sniper rifle*

UPDATED VERSION: Unforgiven 3.0

After playing most of the available Hang 'Em High / Tombstone remakes I was thoroughly dissatisfied. So I made an effort to create a better remake which still played like the original two and actually had the trench in the middle of the level. After my first attempt lost all skirmish information. My fix arrived at this. I hope you enjoy it. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Changes Made:
-Cover ramp jump to catwalk removed
-Cracks at top of inner red ramp removed
-Command ramp now smooth
-Crack by command ramp removed
-All upside down columns now right-side up (fixes disappearing weapons)
-A few floor bumps fixed
-2 BR's added in center on fins
-BR clip counts all set to 2 clips
-Spawning areas adjusted
-Spawn zones added for flag @ home & away
-It's really no longer possible to jump out of windows
-Territories not spawning fixed
-Territories reduced to 5. Locations vary per asymmetric / symmetric game types

This was a lie:
I really don't see me fixing much. The map has no major or even somewhat major problems in it. If someone finds anything like that, please, I'd like to know.
MUCH has been fixed!

[Edited on 01.05.2010 9:36 PM PST]

  • 05.09.2009 4:05 AM PDT

"This reminds me of a time when i tried to kill myself over a puzzle i couldn't complete"

THE BEST hang 'em high remake i have seen so far, 2nd best would be "Tombstone" by cameokazi. Super Great, anyway, only question is, why the overshield instead of the camo?

  • 05.09.2009 5:29 PM PDT

Not sure if you want to download it? Heres a walkthrough video of Unforgiven you can watch on bnet.


  • 05.13.2009 6:35 PM PDT

If you fail at something then redefine success.

Amazing, I love it!
Currently I'm looking for all the remakes I can find (that arn't crap >_<) this will be a keeper along with the Battle Creek by a squirrel. If you know any other good ones tell me.
Overall I say 5/5 stars because of updates and smooth forging :)

  • 05.25.2009 4:53 PM PDT

--Grunts 'R' Us--

I've see much better

  • 07.14.2009 12:27 PM PDT

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