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"Prestine v2" by TW Hunter on 03.13.2009
Made by TW Hunter. The reincarnated version of Indecision City. Supports Slayer, CTF, 1-Flag, VIP, and Juggernaut. 2-8 players.
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Map Variant

My name is niceboy117, and yes I did just say niceboy, and yes 117. It might seem like obsession, but Halo is awsome, am I right, but 117 happens to be my favoite number or any number that has a combonation of 1s and 7s.

quit picking your friends, i thought it was all over when ocr was gone an i thought that they were terrable, but you guys are worse, being on bungie faves is not so speacial any more because of this seriosly i hope ever body reads this and will take it seriosly. this is not just a joke to every body this is supos to entertain people not boar them, i what to see emprovement next week

  • 08.19.2009 3:53 PM PDT
  • gamertag: [none]
  • user homepage:

"the Brute Shot is like a giant submachine gun with a genade launcher!!! thats like adding a vgina to a pnis...nuff said"

So you like your vginas to have pnises?

This map sucks, the bungie favs aren't wolrth lookin at anymore... i find better stuff in random people file shares.

  • 08.20.2009 12:42 PM PDT

Da Husk.

ive found all the best maps by looking on random ppls file share ive found all the worst maps by looking on bungie favs

  • 08.21.2009 4:07 PM PDT

Check out my file share for cool maps

dude, actually looking for maps would help...

  • 08.21.2009 5:50 PM PDT

*Looking up in the sky* "What's that grampa John?"*The blue blob sticks to the girl and begins to sizzle.*

"No comment" is a comment- George Carlin

Its breakable...Ive lost all hope in Bunige. YOu choose bungie favs not a clan freaking leader! 1/10, poor design with NO FREAKING BALANCE. NONE!!!! 4TURRETSMAKESNOSENSE!!!

  • 08.23.2009 8:03 PM PDT


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