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"RISK Boardgame" by on 05.28.2009
Best with 4 teams of 4 or 3 teams of 5.Up to 6 teams and 6 team members.Capture continents to respawn team members faster.
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Only the survivors survive!

RISK Boardgame 3.3 (UPDATED JULY 4)

Ever think the board game was too slow because it was turn-based? Now you can conquer the classic board without waiting!

* Your team wins by capturing all 6 continents
* Can support up to 6 teams with a maximum of 5 players per team
* RISK is all about having to walk into someone else's territory, so there are no ranged weapons. Players start with shotguns and swords. Hammers can be found on islands such as Japan and New Zealand. Asia hosts a flamethrower, because it is the most powerful continent in the boardgame.
* To keep the classic feel of RISK, this game should ideally be played with 3 teams of 5 or 4 teams of 4
* Yes, the territories take 3 seconds to capture . . . but there is a twist. In the real RISK boardgame, you always run the risk of being eliminated. Each player starts with a 15 second respawn time. This time grows by 15 seconds every time they die (think of the respawn time as the time in which other players make their moves in the boardgame). This time can be decreased with kills.
* However, with each continent a teammate captures, you and all of your allies are instantaneously respawned (think 'troop reinforcements' for taking over a continent). So in order to get the time you need to take over the world, you must temporarily kill ALL opposing forces.

* Islands connect a lot of continents, so be tactful with your jumping!
* Each territory hosts a unique item for the capturing team's benefit.
* Teleports connect Alaska to Asia
* I added a jumping pad between Africa and South America to connect them. This is the only plot of land that is intentionally inaccurate.
* I tried adding some variance, making Europe gold and South America wooden. There was only so much variance I could do, though.
* Because Greenland is almost a continent in size by itself, it hosts an active-camo powerup.
* Each territory hosts an explosive barrel, making gaurding or assaulting a territory just that more interesting.

* I realize the idea of a growing spawn time seems overwhelming, but players do not need to deal with it all of the time. Like I said, teammates can respawn you at any point beforehand, and kills bring this time down.
* Keep in mind a team must conquer the whole world within the time that all opposing forces are dead. In this sense, this amount of time seems short. ;)
* Teams spawn together, and on a territory they already own.
* Each team starts with a continent
* If an entire team is dead and they own no territories, they will eventually spawn on a random territory.
* Players spawn above the map and fall to their places, allowing them to get a quick overhead view of the map before setting out.

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Australia doesnt have Tasmania

  • 01.16.2010 10:58 PM PDT

Is there a Risk Game mode for this?

  • 02.11.2010 2:47 PM PDT

I am the face of death itself.

Nice map

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omg awesome

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