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"Stonehenge v03a" by DEEP NNN on 06.03.2009
The Forerunners replicated Stonehenge for posterity but Gladiators now use it, for their own ends.
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DEEP NNN = Depends

Clan 2old2pwn on 2old2play.

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.

This map variant has a replica of Stonehenge as its centre piece. It's a reasonable facsimile that includes many of the major stone artifacts of the well known historic site in their relative positions. Don't believe me, go check. Geo-merging was used on several fallen Sarsen stones to add additional authenticity to this replica. I am confident that anyone who plays on my map could go visit the ruins and say, "Hey this is just like in Halo 3". LOL

On either end of the playing field there are identical main bases to work from and each shares the circular column and lintel theme of Stonehenge. Two quarter field outposts provide excellent spawning cover for those pressure filled moments. The half field bases provide additional cover and spawns when activated.

Two permanent Grav Lifts are at either end of the outer ring thus eliminating the elevator glitch using grav lifts on small damaged columns. The timing from the centre of each base to a power weapon on top of the outer ring is essentially identical by time.

Energy Sword and Flame Thrower are in the middle of the ruins and are equidistant from each base's centre as are most symmetrically laid out weapons.

All game types are implemented! I've laid the map out with the intent that combatants will choose to fight through the ruins.

The weapons are laid out very symmetrically over the entire map. The power weapons are generally inside the henge. Those adventurous enough to take a grav lift to the top will be rewarded with a "fully operational" Rocket Launcher.

Three Mongoose added. Two for all games and one extra for Attackers during asymmetric (one sided) games.

This time out I have been very careful not to delete original objects until I absolutely had too. The released version should have more object headroom for people who want to add more objects. I also have copies of the map up to the point original object deletion commenced.

My basic tenants for this map are:
*The ruins themselves must be as accurate as scale and Forge objects allow.
*That no other structure can be more magnificent/imposing than Stonehenge.
*The ruins cannot contain any foreign objects other than weapons and equipment.
*Non-ruin structures should contain elements of Stonehenge design.
*Maximize object headroom by utilizing original objects as much as possible.
*All gametypes will be supported.

Regarding Stonehenge's alignment with the Summer and Winter Solstice. This replica is aligned with our Sun. Not the one in the Sandbox world. LOL

Good luck, play fair and have fun. :)

Don't be afraid to leave constructive comments. ;)

[Edited on 06.30.2009 7:09 AM PDT]

  • 06.03.2009 8:22 PM PDT

I have bra.

I know I'm probably nit-picking when I say this, but as renditions of Stonehenge go, this is very inaccurate (this is what becomes of living near Stonehenge and being an archaeologist).

1. From what I can see, you've completely ignore the blue stones that were there long before they introduced the Sarcen stones into the monument.
2. the monument it clearly a ruin, but if the forerunners tried to replicate Stonehenge would they replicate a ruin? Surely a complete Stonehenge aligned with the sunrise/set on Sandbox would be much more impressive and relative?
3. You've ignored the one aspect that actually makes Stonehenge a henge, and that's the banks and ditches. The stones may as well not actually be at Stonehenge and yet it would still be a henge. A henge is merely a piece of ground with a circular ditch inside a circular bank (which is the opposite of a good defense which suggests it was used to keep things in the henge itself as opposed to out).

I'm rambling, sorry.

I'm not trying to tear your map apart, as a gaming experience it works very well, but I can't play it without that little gremlin in the back of my mind telling me how it should be. It's the same reason I'd never be able to go and see Year One without screaming (because the produces have obviously never heard of the sodding IRON AGE).

  • 06.30.2009 1:34 AM PDT

There are many powers in the world, for good or for evil. Some are greater than I am. Against some I have not yet been measured. But my time is coming.


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You're thinking too hard, amn. It's a really cool map.

  • 07.09.2009 6:36 PM PDT

We are green, and very, very mean! We are ODST's!

you would think by now now with how many map packs they have they should have a map pack with a brute den or a cluster of grunt dwellings on their home world some thing to give you an idea of what other covenant home worlds look like, im just saying:)

  • 07.19.2009 9:02 AM PDT

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