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"SACKTACULAR" by FunkyFunkFunky on 06.10.2009
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Download: 640x360 WMV

KSI You've been Officially FAKE™D, SACKTACULAR! 8 Kills & 5 Anti-Clan Bags in the first 1:05 of the game! FFP ©06/08/09
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  • Map: Last Resort
  • Film Length: 00:01:15
  • Size: 1.41 MB

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This was one of my most difficult films to create so far. The fast simultaneous action between players and the switching between each player was extremely hard capturing the action of each players progress killing through the game as well as each players kills and bags.

Due to the fast action of this is a film clip it may need to be viewed several times to be comprehended better and it may be easier to view this film clip normally than view it in Right Trigger Slow Motion and then view it in normal view speed again.

Maybe it will help you while watching this film clip if you just think of Quentin Tarantino movies.

Like I wrote before, this was one of the hardest clips that I have ever done switching between each player as they simultaneously make kill after kill capturing all the action and since I am still not completely satisfied with this clip there may be another version of this clip made in the future.

You can see one of the previous versions of this clip that I made called "Body Bag" and "KSI Body Bag" now called "KSI Baggage" and "FAKE vs KSI v2" on YouTube. KSI Baggage FAKE vs KSI v2


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  • 06.12.2009 2:13 PM PDT

Wow, they suck.

  • 03.29.2010 7:28 AM PDT

Beat Down- Punch someone right on tha face!
Extermination- Be sure to bring knitting line, it's gonna take a while.
Sharpshooter- You: "Where the Hell is the Snip... Blaaaaagh!!!"
Splatter- Don't just shoot someone, run over their ass!
Killed Juggernaut- Not even the Juggernaut is a match to my... Plasma Pistol, Punch Combo!

Excelent film its just awesome i wish i could be better like all of ur team (im guessin the red team was ur team) 10/10

  • 08.21.2010 11:07 AM PDT

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