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"Medic" by Reykjavik on 06.10.2009
Shields only rechrge within radar range of the VIP. 1 point per kill.
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Sickin' ducks.

Hello. My name is meltyourtv. I have never met you before, but it seems like we have THE EXACT SAME GAMETYPE that we both seem to have made. I have posted this gametype on the's gametypes section, and am currently creating a map pack for my variant.

If you'd like to see my version of "Medic", go here:

If you'd like to play my version, go here: ileid=86551335

The funny thing is, we made our gametypes around the same time as each other. Mine has just been tweaked due to complaints from AZN FTW.

[Edited on 09.24.2009 6:01 PM PDT]

  • 09.24.2009 5:53 PM PST

We just need to instigate more elitism and Mythic shenanigans.

That is odd. I wasn't the first person to come up with the concept, I learned it from one of my friends from school a couple of years ago, and have since been tweaking it. This is just the version that I put together and saved, and I think it works better than most other variants of the same idea. Anyway, great minds think alike, and fools seldom differ, so you and I must be one of the two.

  • 09.25.2009 10:05 AM PST
  • gamertag: Wire13
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Its a great game variant and its simple so similar game types could be coincidence?

  • 09.30.2009 3:47 AM PST

Ok, I'm not sure, but I thought of this. I don't know if you intentionally stole it or not, but I made a game called Medic Slayer about a month ago, and It had an assult rifle as first wepon and a random weapon as backpack wepon. Same concept, a bit more damage resistance, and when near the vip you turn pink and gain health. Is yours similar? message me. speedplay45

  • 09.30.2009 7:43 PM PST

We are the Brave
We are the Courageous
We! Are! The! Army Strong!

lol, i saw this on bungie favorites a while ago and thought..."wow, that sounds awesome, too bad i dont have a map for it..." and never downloaded it..
But today, i found a map called "Derkaderkastan" and i'm changing the VIP desinations to out in the dunes so they arent a facor of gaining points..

  • 10.04.2009 6:51 PM PST


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