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"Last race" by UK ALeX UK on 10.25.2007
Remote industrial sites like this one are routinely requisitioned and razed as part of Spartan training exercises. 4-12 players
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  • Map: Last Resort
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The first in many of the up and coming racing tracks made by UK ALeX UK. To start with i know that the idea of a racing track is not completly originall as people have dne this before,, just getting that out of the way before everyone decided to shout LOL :) But as i realised this i have made it completly originall using things such as grav lifts to stear you in the right directions,, JUMPSS!!! THAT ACTUALLY WORK!!! AND SEND YOU INCREDIBLY HIGH (CHECK OUT PICS!!!) a great racing line that pays of to people good behind the wheel,, places where you will have more that one decision on where you can go!! and just to mix things up explosives to make the whole thoing seem a little more ..... explosive!!!
Have you ever been in a game where at the start it is always the same ??
""Your rubbish at driving !! let me drive!!""
""wow you are bad at driving""
Well now you can prove those people wrong with this race track it actually will prove who is the best racer out there..!!
This game can hold up to 12 people 6 driving moongooses 6 on the back,, but is still great with only 1!! ... now this is where the fun really starts .... when you have a guy sitting on the back of your moongoose with the car infront thinking hes won and is already shouting back comments like ""what is it like to be back there"" you see the convieniantly placed bunch of propane tanks that you decide to shoot,, scuttling around the floor before sending the player infront absalutley flying !!!

My map is filled with extras like this that make the map great ,,

MY personal best round this track is ///////43 .1///////// id like to know if anyone gets near to that by postnig back on my forum about there fastest time !!

This map has great potential trust me i spent an hour playing this track instead of PGR4 !

Comments such as:

"" HOLY S*** you made this !""
"" I love this map is it for sale! ""

they realy sum this map up just download and tell m wha you think id love to hear what you think or check out your maps :)


also download this game variant,, it makes it so much more fun !

[Edited on 11.25.2007 8:36 AM PST]

  • 10.26.2007 1:31 PM PDT

Circumstances do not make the man, they merely reveal himself to himself.

lol i just downloaded your map and i guess you want some feedback, its awesome man. I like how you used the wheel thingy in the middle of the map as an obstacle, and the jumps are pretty satisfying, 9/10

  • 11.24.2007 8:41 AM PDT


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