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"Race Track v0.9" by Agent Spank on 06.17.2009
Hit the switch at the start to lower the gate. Designed to use with my variant RACER. 2-6 players Feedback is welcomed
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  • Map: Last Resort
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Subject: Map Variant

This is a race track set up to be used by Mongooses. I prefer to use my VIP variant Racer for this map to limit players trying to ruin the fun and just kill each other. However you're more than welcome to use a variant that'll make you have passengers to kill each other. But since Halo 3 had no Race game variant (yeah I know, sad days) I had to improvise with VIP. As such, people need to all be on different teams when they start otherwise it won't work out. There are checkpoints set up throughout the track, but because of the VIP, the race isn't based on whoever finishes their set amount of laps first, but rather who can stay in first the longest, making it more interesting throughout the entire race.

Now to make it work, you need to unlock the gate at the very start (all the spawn are right next to the gate panel). Then jump down and grab a hog. The track is pretty straight foward and isn't hard to figure out. There first consists of a few first turns, then you come to the huge wall that seperates the beach. Here are placed some grab lifts that are easier to use than you would think to launch you over the wall. I recommend that you try to go at full speed. You should land in the water, or at least close to it. Sometimes you may flip, other times you'll be lucky and you can just keep going. After a few more winding turns you come across the windmill. Be careful not to run into the spinning blades. On the other side where you land, an endless spawning fusion coil is falling from the sky. Your best bet is to drive around it to avoid being blown off far from where you want to be. If you want to risk getting close to it, you could shave off those few extra seconds you need to take first, but could result in you being blasted off. After a few more winding turns you come back to the lobby and ready for another lap.

At any point if you get blown off of the designated track, there are portals scattered around for you to use. These will teleport you back to the lobby. I myself recommend that if you need to do this, to wait till the other drivers catch back up to you so you can be in first place again getting the checkpoints first. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this map. If you have any feedback or suggestions I'd be more than happy to hear them.

  • 06.17.2009 2:23 AM PDT


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