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"Frailty" by Hadokenchild on 06.30.2009
This Forerunner teraforming facility is still operational after eons of unuse. A sign of failed desperation to save the species
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Subject: Map Variant

For 8 - 16 players
Supported Gametypes:
Assault, Capture the Flag, Infection, Juggernaut, King of the Hill, Oddball, Slayer, Team Slayer, Territories, VIP

Frailty is an asymmetric map designed for competitive vehicular combat for parties of 8 to 16 people. The map has all gametypes available but has really only been tested for Slayer, CTF, KOTH, and Assault.


Mongoose x4
Warthog x2
Ghost x2


BR - 20 sec resp - 2 clips
Shotgun x2 - 90 sec respawn - 0 clips
Sniper x2 - 120 sec respawn - 0 clips
Carbine x2 - 90 sec respawn - 1 clip
Rocket Launcher - 150 sec respawn - 1 clip
Spartan Lazer - 180 sec respawn
Missile Pod - 120 sec respawn - 0 clips
Needler x2 - 60 sec respawn - 1 clip
Brute Shot x2 - 90 sec respawn - 1 clip
Plasma Rifle x2 - 30 sec respawn
Plasma Pistol x2 - 45 sec respawn
Magnum x2 - 30 sec respawn - 1 clip
Frags - 10 sec respawn
Plasma'nades - 10 sec respawn
Overshield - 150 sec respawn
Bubble Shield - 120 sec respawn
Power Drain - 120 sec respawn

The Attackers base
This base should immediately spark fond memories of good ol' Blood Gulch from Halo CE. Rather than having two external ramps to gain access to the top of the base, this version has 4. This layout offered the opportunity to add reccessed spaces inside the base that didn't exist on Blood Gultch. Yes the enitre floor of the base is grass, and yes there is some flicker. Unfortunately the flicker isn't fixable since the grass would glitch invisible if positioned correctly. There is also a teleporter on top of the base that takes you about 1/3 of the way accross the map toward Red Tower.

Red Tower
Also known as Splazer spawn, this position covers top mid at rocket spawn, attackers sniper spawn, the front of the attackers base, defenders base sniper spawn, the front of the defenders base, and Blue Tower. Line of sight obstructions keep this spot from being too overpowering as both teleporters can't be seen from this position as well as OS spawn at bottom mid.

Blue Tower
Also known as Missle Pod spawn, this position covers Defenders snipe spawn, top mid Rocket spawn, bottom mid OS spawn, both bases fronts, and Attackers teleporter.

Attackers Brute Shot spawn
The purpose of this position, just left of the base, is to cover the front of the base, the front of the middle structure, and Blue Tower. The Brute Shot spawns underneath with a BR spawn on top.

Attackers Carbine spawn
This position has the same cover areas as BS spawn except Carbine spawn covers Red Tower.

Defenders Base
This base is a bit of a hybrid between Valhalla's horseshoe design, Relic's aesthetics, and sniper spawn from Last Resort. This design is sure to keep would be defenders on their toes as this base is pretty pourous. There is a gravlift that takes you from bottom floor to top floor power drain spawn, while still allowing players to jump back down the lift if they need to. The aesthetic design of the lift allows the defending team to see into the lift at alll times.

Defenders BS Spawn
This mirrors the Attackers Carbine spawn with same principles and cover areas.

Defenders Carbine Spawn
This position mirrors the Attackers Brute Shot spawn.

Rocket Spawn/OS Spawn
Both areas are separate from each other enough that it is very difficult for anyone to get both itms simultaneously. Both these areas are very open to all positions.

Thanks to all who helped in testing (list to be added later) and thanks to all who DL. All criticisms are welcome.

  • 06.30.2009 5:13 PM PDT

Ohai, I'm Loscocco (pronounced Loss-cocoa). I'm a college student (computer science major), 3D animator, and long-time Halo player.

yay! im the 7th Downloader!

  • 07.01.2009 11:56 AM PDT

this map is orgasmic. i dont think ive seen a map with this much bungie-like detailing until now. Hadokenchild go work for bungie now.

  • 07.04.2009 11:21 AM PDT

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