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"On The Move" by Major Victory15 on 07.02.2009
Running for Cover.
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Subject: Screenshot
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  • 07.03.2009 2:52 PM PDT

I like to know more about the halo store line so please tell me if there is a actual bungie form/post of the halo store line. If you had the time to read this I thank you. You may message me on but not xbox live.

epic to a point nice though.
i think its missing something.

  • 07.07.2009 8:21 PM PDT

The Spartan Special Ops <---join
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The Spartan Special Ops
Reviewer: Pwrsurge13
Rank: Staff Sergeant

- Screenshot Review -

Screenshot Idea: 4/10 recon pics are becoming abundant
Screenshot Execution: 7/10 could've had a better angle to see the gun a bit more, but no big deal
Screenshot Emotion: 9/10 it gives me the feel of running/fleeing something unseen
Screenshot Lighting: 6/10 the pure background is cool, but theres something off with the spartan's lighting to me, can't say what though
Screenshot Colors: 4/10 not a whole lot of colors

The only real problem to me is that it seemed bland, all there is is a single spartan
Overall: 6/10 (what hurt your overall was the originality and lack of colors)

Want another screenshot reviewed? Message me.

  • 07.08.2009 9:09 AM PDT

I achieved my Recon armor through the screenshot contest Team Control, not Bungie Day or ODST. 5/29/09
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WAIT'A MINUTE! THAT'S ME. I didn't even know you did this screenshot Major. >.>

  • 11.29.2009 11:50 PM PDT


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