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"Anguish" by Gofern on 07.13.2009
Co. Creator: Fullmetal571. This map can be used for pretty much any game type. Caution, may come in contact with flying ballz.
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Subject: Map Variant

An amazing map created by me, Gofern, and my good friend Fullmetal571. This map has a lot to offer, whether you plan on playing a simple match of slayer, a hardcore game of infection, intense CTF, or anything else!

This map consists of two bases that lay parallel to eachother, two hidden wraiths, two banshees/hornets, and a few mongooses. The two main bases are well made and have lots of other places to fight/hide. Each base also has a sniper's nest above the main entrance which can be accessed by one of two deployable grav-lifts.

In the center is where most of the bigger team battles will probably go on, there is a small area smack dab in the middle which holds the overshield power-up ever so perfectly over the hole to the underground, which if you descend into, will find an immediate death by a well placed kill ball.

Here are some images of the Map:

I hope you enjoy playing on our map, a lot of work was put into the making of this.
If you plan on commenting on this map, please keep it positive, or tell us how to improve upon our future creations.

Also, pease rate 10/10 ^_^! Thanks.

  • 07.19.2009 1:31 PM PDT

I'm happy to see how well this ended up turning out, there is definitely room for a few improvements... but seeing as how we ran out of items... oh well.

Hopefully with the release of the new maps; Longshore, Heretic, and Citadel, we will be able to create an even better map.

I always enjoy working with you and the best thing ever is the satisfaction of creating a map that at least one person will love :).

The Catapults were a nice touch, when the balls are shot they go into the man-cannons and it can unleash havoc amongst an oblivious player... As we saw in a little test game ^_^.
Although, if we hadn't made them we could have made the centers of the main bases a little bit better.

I love the screen effects too, mixing gloomy with juicy is amazing, but what was even better was when we mixed B&W too. It canceled out the B&W but still made it darker.
(For those of you who dislike the screen effects, please don't whine. Just go into forge and delete the screen effects, although the only way to do that is to go into the underground where they were placed... have fun re-setting that kill ball :).

To the players of this map, I wish you luck. The map is perfect for any game type, and is really fun when playing with a system link against your buddies at home.

Have fun ^_~

  • 07.19.2009 1:43 PM PDT


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