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"Frailty" by Hadokenchild on 07.13.2009
This Forerunner teraforming facility is still operational after eons of unuse. A sign of faied desperation to save the species.
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  • Map: Sandbox
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Subject: Map Variant

Well ladies and gents, the final version of Frailty is now on my fileshare. I updated the post with the new link.

I added ramps to the perimeter towers outside the defenders base (no more crouch jumping required!)
I fixed all the non-spawning objects
I changed the respawn time of the Mongeese from 90 to 20
I changed the respawn time for the Warthogs from 120 to 150
I changed the respawn time for the Ghosts from 30 to 60
I tweaked the respawn areas for both CTF and Assault
I swapped the locations of the Needlers and bottom mid BR's
I also fixed the defenders bomb spawn so they can actually PICK IT UP lol
No, the sniper rifles are still clipless. Again during testing tonight we had some good snipers and even tho they complained of the lack of ammo, they had a very easy time sniping people. We only had a group of 4v5 so things weren't quite even, but the games were close and down to the wire at times. Still it proved that any additional ammo would have hindered the enjoyment for those who weren't sniping.

That's it. Thanks to all who helped out and I hope this fixes all the issues.

  • 07.14.2009 1:05 AM PDT

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Oh wow, downloading this right now.

  • 07.14.2009 3:55 AM PDT

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This looks great, can't wait to play!

  • 07.19.2009 5:32 PM PDT

this is some kool -blam!- man

  • 02.27.2010 5:35 AM PDT

wait is that grass? on sandbox?

  • 03.17.2010 3:00 PM PDT

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