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"MLG TS" by MLG Anakin on 09.28.2007
A game variant of Slayer, Friday September 28, 2007 16:34:03
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Subject: MLG Team Slayer Rules
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Well one and two are covered in a halo game but three isnt... One is in a halo game bungie does there best to restrict us to cheat, and i know people who have been warning baned if you will, so that they dont do what ever it is they did again, they really are trying to make it fair this time, and in football believe it or not there is a foul ever play if the referees dont see it, then its not called just like in the gaming community, really it depends on the player not the rules, if they want to be cheap or not. Performance, is that not self explanatory? depending on the skill of one team, the greater one is going to win, unless luck plays its hand, just like it does in other sports, one bad throw from a quarterback can be detrimental. the ball could have slipped etc...
i can say that yeah as we were all growing up thats what we were taught to be sports, and really how our parents raised us depend on how we see this argument... sport or not i agree im going to play because i enjoy it, no need to get worked up over it. that was a very good point.

  • 11.07.2007 9:18 PM PDT

There are pro's ways of winning and an average player's way of winning...
Ex:Spamming grenades on construct=average
Plus: Sport=physical activity engaged in for pleasure. Any type of movement is physical activity but this basically a non-athletic sport.

  • 11.07.2007 10:07 PM PDT

On the Left

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Posted by: PvtJet07
Ok, you guys are all taking this too seriously. Who cares if video games are considered a sport? Does it affect you? Not really.

However. I do have to add that gaming should be considered a sport, just live a day in the life of these guys. They spend hours every day playing one game, examining one game, watching films of other teams playing. They do just as much work as, say, a football team does. The only thing different that seems to confuse some people here is the fact that there is little to no physical activity involved. That does not mean there is no skill involved. Just as anyone can play pickup basketball, yet pros would own them all, same with these guys. Their reflexes are honed to such a degree that they could beat all but the best of you people. Other games that recquire little physical activity? Chess anyone? That is defined as a sport, and teams of people from all over the worl to see who is the best. Sports are not defined by physical prowess.

Great way to put it Jet. I agree with him/her and all who say that Video Games can be considerd a sport. cheers.

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  • 11.07.2007 10:13 PM PDT
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poker isn't a sport, the only reason it shows up on espn is because espn stands for entertainment and sports programming network, not just sports. And gaming is not a sport, but it is really fun. I love sports, and I would never ask someone what sport they play and expect them to say videogames. Plus, whenever i ask a gamer i know what sport they like, they respond" i don't like sports, i play video games

  • 11.08.2007 5:27 PM PDT

"Oh grow up 007!"

I gameing is a sport. Just like "Texas Hold 'Em Poker" is starting to become a sport, hence all the "Poker after dark" TV shows. Still, it is be no meens a "cool" sport. Lol whatever.

  • 11.09.2007 2:36 PM PDT

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