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"Arena" by Cman125 on 08.02.2009
Some speculate that the Forerunners used this place for recreational competitive sports, similar to what we might call CTF.
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Subject: Map Variant

-Sic transit gloria mundi

This is a somewhat asymmetrical map set in the crypt. I say somewhat because it isn't entirely asymmetrical, there are two bases directly opposite each other, but the defenders base is significantly larger.

This map was map for attacker vs. defender style objective games like one flag ctf.
It can be broken down into five main structure\locations:
The Defenders Base (Red)- three levels plus one "Sniper roost" up top. All objective goals are on the third level. It is large, imposing, and easy to defend.
The Attackers Base (Blue)- Only two stories and pretty barren, attackers are meant to be attacking so there isn't much for them in their base.
Center- A small structure in the middle that is two stories. The second story in accessible via a fast respawing grav lift below. Rockets spawn here as well as neutral objectives.
Tunnel- Looking out ward from the blue base, this tunnel hugs the entire left wall. its just a simple straight tunnel that goes from one side of the crypt to the other. It can be used to travel form one base to the other. One shotgun spawns at each end, there is a break in thetunnel at the center of the map.
"Stepping Stones"- These hug the wall opposite the tunnel. They are just a series of platforms that ascend to the center of the map, and then descend to the other side. They can be used to reach either base, but they're are far more exposed than the tunnel. Battle rifles spawn at each end.

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