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"Tsavo Bridge" by Unknown Oracle on 08.08.2009
Fight for control of the last remaining intact bridge connected to Tsavo Highway Author: Unknown Oracle Architect: maneaterx5
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Subject: Map Variant
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Tsavo Bridge is an original concept map, I got the inspiration for the campaign map Tsavo Highway, The map is essentially what it says, a bridge, however with a unique feel and setup so that the gameplay is not hindered by the linear progressions of play, this map i feel has the potential to be a great place for 2 team combat and has something to keep each, the hardcore gamers and those realitively new to halo and are just here for fun, entertained.

The map is set up in a normal bridge setup, which is essentially a straight line, but on either end of the bridge is a base, red and blue, the bases are completely the same for each team, unless however your playing gametypes that are asymetric like one flag or one bomb, the changes to each base are only there to help each base with their respective goals, and its important to realize that the changes balance out. Also in each base are 2 mongooses and a warthog, these will mainly be used as transport for the object such as a flag, navigating the map in the mongoose is not a problem at all for even the newest of halo players, while the warthog requires just a little more finess for a veteran player, another unique thing about this map is the vid effect i have on, it makes the map just work i thought, and kind of gives it a night feel, which works perfectly for this map, but, i know that most people don't like vid effects because they think it hinders their gameplay, so i will remove the vid effect from the map if the majority of players send me feedback that they don't like it.

The main part of the bridge is where most of the action will occur, the main section at the start is setup symetricly however as you continue to progress the map will become umsymetrical, however just because the map is unsymetrical does not mean it's unfair, the way i made it i created everything in perfect balance with the way i set the weapons and equipment, both sides of the map i feel will be happy with their respective playing feilds.

As a mapmaker the only thing i truely want for this map is for the halo community to have as much fun playing on this map as i did making it. I just want to make this map the best that it can be so everyone is not dissapointed. But, in order to do that i need feedback from all of the halo players out there, so if you DL my map then please just send me some feedback so i know what i need to fix change or leave the same. Please, any feedback positive or negative can help me. You can send me a message on here or through my gamertag on x-box live (Unknown Oracle). I will take all criticism with the utmost respect and everyone gets treated the same. If there is anything else you want to know about the map please just ask and i will be glad to help you. And to all of you who download my map thank you very much and enjoy

  • 08.11.2009 8:50 PM PDT

The DMR is the most powerful weapon of all!

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seems like a nice map, I see you spent a lot of time on ginving us a description! I will download and see...

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