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"Elevation" by Demonify on 08.11.2009
This narrow strip of land is home to many hard fought battles. 6-10 players v2.2
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Elevation is a map I wanted to focus on having a one sided object feel to. So, when it came to me laying out the cover once the flooring was done for the map, I felt that adding an asymmetrical feel to the already partial assymetric map was the only way to go.

From a one sided objective point of view, the attackers must work their way up to the higher ground portion of the map and then work their way down with the flag, or defend the top in a bomb based game.

From a game more like Team Slayer I decided not to have the players spawn on just one side of the map. After looking from top mid down to another side, I felt that it would be to easy of a spawn camp for one team once they had gained control. This way you have the likely hood of not being seen right off the spawn and the chance of getting killed right after a respawn is greatly decreased.

I have one vehicle on this map and that would be a Banshee. The Banshee has a control key in the element of gameplay. Although, even though it is somewhat of a control key, the cover has a well balanced way of drianing out it's power.

Your best results on the map are probably by going in with 6 - 10 people. Although I have done most of my testing in a 2v2 gameplay and admit it is decent, just, not as actiony.

I have this map set up for every gametype, but I will recommend One Flag, Team Slayer, Slayer, and KoTH for the most fun.

Red Side
Blue Side
Bottom Mid

BR x6
AR x2
Needler x2
SMG x2
Shotgun x1
Laser x1
Rocket x1
Sniper x1

Bubble Shield x2
Power Drain x1
Plasma x6
Frag x4

I was able to play a few game on your map, and neither me, nor the people I played with, could find one bad thing to say about your map. Your a truly expereanced forger. I loved your map and give it a 10/10. Keep up the good work.

I was going over it earlier, and I must say that I love the design. There is a great deal of complexity to it, but it seems to flow very well. There are a few places that I discovered that could be used as spawn traps for a sniper, but other than that, the map plays really well.

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  • 08.13.2009 5:09 PM PDT

pure awesomeness my friend

  • 08.26.2010 8:30 PM PDT

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