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"Sahara of Fear" by Conkerkid11 on 09.12.2009
The mice have escaped the evil clutches of the Tremors, but for how long? That's for you to decide. 10-16 players
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Subject: Map Variant

Where are we?

Forge Hub Thread

Tremor Twist Gametype Download

Sahara of Fear... Not exactly the words you want to hear when you're in the game lobby for a kickass game of Tremor n' Mouse. But you stay in the party because "Fear" is usually placed somewhere in the names for the best Tremor n' Mouse maps. Whether it has Valley in front of it, or just plain ol' Fear. Sahara of Fear isn't just your average day of customs Tremor n' Mouse map. There are three distinct differences between Sahara of Fear, and everything else you've played. For one, Sahara of Fear includes all of the main level of Sandbox. The towers are blocked, so don't be thinking your objective is to reach a spot where the towers can't shoot you. For two, Sahara of Fear was planned out from the start, to the very end. Think of Sahara of Fear as a sequel to my map; Sahara Dream. Unfortunately Sahara Nightmare was one letter too long to be the name for this map, so I went with Sahara of Fear. For the third and final difference, Sahara of Fear's "Twist." There is a Wraith... "Shudder!"

The architecture on Sahara of Fear will most likely remind you of no other Tremor n' Mouse map. Most Tremor n' Mouse maps are on Avalanche, and include the usual ramp here and there, and a couple merged boxes. The very first thing you might head for will either be the "Man Cannon Ramp", or the "Ramp of Doom." For most people it's the "Ramp of Doom" though. I swear, the first thing that would come out of two or three people's mouths when the game would start is "Oh my god that bridge/ramp is awesome!" Although further into the match you might also notice a certain pyramid that I can't really get to explaining right now.

I recommend playing with 8-16 players.

Tremor Twist
Of course a Tremor n' Mouse map only plays with one gametype! I could allow it to work with a Capture The Flag gametype like Tremor Blast, but I figured Sahara of Fear is way too open, and the flag would be way too easy to capture. But perhaps I could remove the mongooses for the mice.

There are two Tremors, and they are let out after 30 seconds. There is one Cat, and it is let out after 45 seconds.

*Honor Rules*
1.)A Mouse may never board an enemy vehicle.
2.)Mice must stay on their vehicles at all times, unless driving a vehicles is not an option.
3.)Tremors may NEVER shoot at the Mice.
4.)Mice are limited to driving mongooses, and MONGOOSES ONLY!

Tremor Spawn
Tremor And Mouse Bases
Cat Spawn
Cat Base
Mouse Cover
Ramp of Doom
Ramp of Doom View 2
Bridge of Doom
Mouse Cover 2
Man Cannon Ramp
Ribcage Cover
Mouse Cover 3
Tremor Pyramid

  • 09.13.2009 1:10 AM PDT

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