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"Best barricade!" by M3LA on 09.27.2009
We tried to do Endure challenge.But after over 3 h of struggle for survival(and recon)we FAILED. :( thanks to the hunter...
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Subject: Screenshot

I am now, an instrument of violence
I am a vessel of invincibility

Im so depressed now...

  • 09.27.2009 5:57 AM PST

me and my friends tried this too, but a hunter killed us all and he got through the barrier.

  • 10.21.2009 4:52 AM PST

I did somthing like this with my friends it was fun but had its flause.

  • 12.02.2009 11:56 AM PST

hey guys i got some help 4 endure

first do it in lost platoon
second have a sniper in the cliff the opposite side to the ramp
third collect brute choppers
forth have a spartan laser guy on building
fifth 2 people on choppers or 1 person on the other collecting them
sixth on bonus rounds 2 guys get in choper and start 2 splatter sniper comes down from cliff and goes on building with pistol and headshot. so that 2 on building with pistols and 2 on choppers splattering just one person has to survive

and if you are short on people connect a guest in and hide it in a hole in cliff it works cause that what we did. the guest didn't kill anyone or die cause the enemies cant c hime and the wraiths cant hit him because of the hole. but the guest can get out without dying.

hope that helps

  • 04.13.2010 5:13 PM PST

dont listen to liam 838 that will just get you killed.Its Alpha Site with two people on each set of stairs closest to the spawn point.
Then get the rockets or any fuel rod cannon the brutes/grunts bring and put them in the elavator till the 5th wave its a glitch that keeps them from disapeering.
Use the pistol on the grunts and brutes.
Use the SMG for the buggers/Drones.
When the cheiftains come get the rockets and a plasma pistol.
If you shoot a cheiftain with a plasma pistol then instantly shoot it with a rocket before he uses his invincibility then hes dead.

If you need help friend request (a Coke Zero) and (a Overdue Coke).

  • 06.14.2010 5:33 PM PST


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