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"WOMEN" by xArcoN8ToRx on 10.06.2009
Know your spot
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  • Map: Longshore
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Subject: Screenshot

Hello, I'm Amy! Any questions? All you need to do is ask me! >:D

Feel free to add me on Facebook if you wanna chat or somthing :)


Haha, funny. Oh, wait my mistake this is flat out sexiest, are you angry that girls PWN you at your own game? how about you get the hell off of your Xbox and make me a sandwich! *cracks whip*

  • 04.09.2010 5:48 PM PDT

uhhh wow this is really sexiest man not all girls spend time in the kitchen hell my frn kicks my ass ona a 1v1 n she hates being ina kitchen

  • 05.31.2010 6:09 PM PDT

You shouldn't be such a -blam!-. The guys with brains realize good competition and befriend them because most female gamers are pretty frickin awesome. Don't pass up the opportunity by being an -blam!-.

  • 06.03.2010 1:44 PM PDT

Hey wassup Im cool, and u r?

Dude, thats not cool cause if ur wife and/or future wife see this u screwed. And if ur not married yet as soon as u put that piece of metal on ur finger it's game-over, hand her ur wallet, and ur Xbox. Besides U should bow down to women, because if they didnt doink ur dad u wouldnt be here so dont dont go dissin the ladies.

  • 06.10.2010 8:26 PM PDT

Hahaha, why does everyone spell "sexist" wrong? Unless you guys think this is the "sexiest" thing you've ever seen...

  • 07.07.2010 2:07 AM PDT


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