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Team Slayer on Valhalla, Wednesday November 7, 2007 23:31:44
1 Grenade kills 5 people!
Killtrocity/Extermination on High Ground.
Paul Bertone takes Lukems out behind the woodshed for a beat...
Aperfect loop that takes you fully inverted. www.halotracks....
Bungie barely wins Game 3 of the Humpday Challenge. Wednesda...
An amazing save when all hope was almost lost!
You just got owned (Recorded on 3/15/08)
MoNtAgE MaTeRiAl
Triple in DT
Apparently now you have to look three ways...sad face :'(
Watch it over and over again at different angles. He hit the...
54-0 3-0 Standoff Flag in 5 mins
super duper lucky
Golf Ball from sky bubble to crypt. Done by SMG90 and Greens...
My body slides from one end of the map to the other.
This Warthog won't go down.
SicK-QuickScopes. Enjoy ^_^
With killticular
Stealing my triple.
Karma gets a insane triple kill in this MLG Ball v3 game. Fo...
Team Slayer on Guardian, Friday March 14, 2008 23:20:05
I chucked it