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Team Slayer on The Pit, Monday December 10, 2007 21:15:27
Team Slayer on Valhalla, Monday December 10, 2007 21:32:29
A one wheeled nollie.
Best view is SclaytonS'! I throw down a bubble shield but it...
A must see one-of-a-kind stick made in forge...
I get an Overkill with only one sword slash!
#3 Play from ESPN/MLG Top Ten #2. For more visit www.mlgpro....
Never thought it would happen again....
(short clip) One of the luckiest kills in halo history... oh...
An amazing comeback, winning at the last possible second
Tower of Power on Spire, Wednesday December 5, 2007 21:36:08
My legit Killionaire in Lone Wolfs, +11 kills. Enjoy ^_^
Your WTF level has increased +5!
7 killz
Big Team Slayer on Valhalla, Sunday June 1, 2008 19:14:19
MLG Team Ball on Guardian, Sunday May 25, 2008 23:39:47
Big Team Slayer on Sandtrap, Monday February 11, 2008 17:32:...
1 Untouchable, 2 Rampages, an Overkill, 1 death and 51 kills...
1 laser vs a convoy
My second rube goldberg, I hope you guys like it
Sexy Mongoose on Narrows, Saturday October 13, 2007 23:08:19
Team Slayer on High Ground, Friday November 2, 2007 19:23:27
Slayer on Guardian, Monday April 7, 2008 15:31:33
Team Slayer on The Pit, Friday November 2, 2007 13:32:01