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Swords on Epitaph, Saturday February 9, 2008 08:44:37
Team Slayer on Assembly, Thursday May 21, 2009 23:24:05
The path to the Mythic skull. You're welcome.
This endless wasteland still holds many secrets. Some of the...
My game for perfection achv
Got good luck..
Easy to get! no bubble shields, just walk! -eddymcbrambram
Crazy King on Foundry, Sunday July 26, 2009 02:49:59
My first Overkill in Halo 3.
Two for One Achievement: Score a Double Kill with a single s...
2 Flag Shottys on Sandbox, Wednesday August 26, 2009 16:01:0...
Where did everybody go? (Overkill+Extermination+'Have Fun Re...