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Can't call fluke on the clutch.
Team Rockets on Foundry, Sunday November 2, 2008 22:36:50
Slayer on Guardian, Friday March 13, 2009 22:06:51
Come from behind victory with shotty spree and killing frenz...
MLG Multi Flag on Narrows, Friday March 20, 2009 13:17:24
Team Snipers on Guardian, Wednesday March 25, 2009 18:24:09
Team Slayer on Narrows, Saturday April 4, 2009 22:33:53
Ooo, I love Hide-and-Seek!
Team BRs on Orbital, Wednesday April 1, 2009 17:21:34
Teammates all quit, I then make the other team quit
random plasma throw
enjoy that. clutch shot if there ever was one.