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Online Stats

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Team Slayer on Blackout, Thursday February 12, 2009 16:43:04
Team Snipers on Guardian, Friday May 8, 2009 00:08:53
Bladz and I am ninjas
After the orbital elevator fell, supply warehouses sending m...
February 22, 2009 - Amazing headshots and owned camo
My 1st perfection and its ranked
Team BRs on Epitaph, Wednesday July 9, 2008 23:43:03
Sewage Lines - made for oddball,KOTH,1-2 flag,Team slayer sy...
After the dust settles in these decaying passageways, only t...
Small map made for slayer, CTF, KOTH and oddball. 2-4 player...
An abandoned natural-gas distribution center. 2-5 players
Rally Extreme Made by garbettownedu and GaNgStA GrEnAdE
Team Slayer on Foundry, Thursday August 13, 2009 23:03:23
This floating structure was once a Heretic stronghold. Now i...
Team BRs on Isolation, Saturday September 12, 2009 01:19:33
Team BRs on Epitaph, Monday April 20, 2009 21:52:04
Team Slayer on Construct, Sunday September 13, 2009 19:15:19