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Team Slayer on Mage v2, Sunday March 22, 2009 20:59:14
Flying Elephant debris scores a one in a million shot.
Hatch from "Lost". Contains secret Banshee arena. Hope you l...
i was match making with my guest and in the lobby a guy had ...
Accidental headshot while scoping a seperate target
Team Slayer on Assembly, Wednesday March 4, 2009 00:35:22
1 Flag CTF on Avalanche, Friday April 3, 2009 00:49:02
Team BRs on Valhalla, Wednesday March 18, 2009 17:00:40
I got stucked!! Then i grab it and throw it away!
If you're watching this than you sir are insane!!
I fly a banshee which I jump out of and crushes this guy
Lasered the enemy Tripmine resulting in a double kill
Boldly go where no player has gone before...