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The Quick and the Dead
Capture the flag, Halo 1 style.
Spartan Clone Training Complex 2-6 Players
Red Blood, White Snow 4-16 Players
A long walk down a short hall... 2-8 players
A long walk, down a short hallway... 2-8 players
Remake of the classic Halo 2 map "Warlock" by HeavyMetal84. ...
Red blood. Red rust. 6-12 players.
Spartan Clone Training Complex. A remake of Halo 1's Chiron...
Reproduction du secteur d'entrainement Chiron TL-34. Beta ve...
Reproduction de Chiron Tl-34, centre d'entrainement des clon...
A replica of the famous Halo CE map: Wizard. 5-8 players
Halo: Classic Edition
Just like the good old days. The third installment of Wizard...
the fixed verson of shadow393939's BLOOD GULCH
This locked down facility is now called home to only the ins...