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Team BRs on Snowbound, Sunday January 4, 2009 16:55:21
In a Ranked Game, some things just should not happen.
A game variant of Slayer, Thursday February 28, 2008 23:35:1...
Team Slayer on Guardian, Tuesday December 25, 2007 11:36:18
Lucky killtacular earned in a ranked Team SWAT match.
Shotty Snipers on The Pit, Monday November 12, 2007 15:42:56
i guess so
Epic sniping triple kill during Shotty Snipers on Standoff (...
wtf? no extermination
Killtacular using the sniper rifle only.
A fun sniping game with unique bonuses. Use on any map. 4+ P...
A once barren place has been filled with many strange design...
Killtacular Extermination during Team SWAT on Blackout, Frid...
Its a scope me and my bro are syked about!!!!!!
1 Flag CTF on Narrows, Friday February 6, 2009 15:12:23
Shotty Snipers on Valhalla, Friday February 8, 2008 17:43:59
Team Snipers on Blackout, Saturday February 21, 2009 16:22:3...
Multi Flag BRs on Avalanche, Tuesday July 8, 2008 20:34:04
Mythic Brawl sharpshooter in my 1st life.
Almost had to take off my belt.