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Slayer on Last Resort, Wednesday February 4, 2009 17:27:33
Multi Flag CTF on Avalanche, Friday February 27, 2009 21:38:...
UWF TS map
After the orbital elevator fell, supply warehouses sending m...
falling to death headshot
amazing bank snipe no scope for a dbl kill
Team Slayer on The Pit, Tuesday January 15, 2008 23:46:21
Team Snipers on Narrows, Friday March 20, 2009 22:02:52
The most strange team kill I have ever seen. Can anyone tell...
Team Slayer on Last Resort, Saturday December 13, 2008 20:00...
Sting 2000 is back with more of his suicidal stunts!!!
Territories on Last Resort, Friday December 19, 2008 18:43:0...
On mongoose :)
One Flag on Rat's Nest, Saturday March 21, 2009 22:02:01
He Passes a Sticky